VGChartz: Global Weekly, 1st November 2014

Global numbers for November 1st

Global Hardware Numbers: NA - EU - JP - Weekly Total

PS4 - 96,165 - 108,775 - 8,423 - 260,931
3DS - 55,121 - 64,047 - 66,688 - 200,030
XOne - 80,550 - 36,918 - 941 - 145,819
WiiU - 30,682 - 19,513 - 4,164 - 58,648
PS3 - 13,353 - 25,925 - 4,775 - 55,416
X360 - 25,000 - 11,401 - 78 - 42,404
PSV - 4,033 - 8,681 - 11,170 - 28,149
Wii - 4,934 - 5,521 - 56 - 11,815

Top selling Software

1. Sunset Overdrive - 229,739
2. Farming Simulator PC - 164,076
3. Fifa 15 (PS4) - 158,710
4. Super Smash Bros. (3DS) - 152,251
5. Fifa 15 (PS3) - 141,115

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TheLyonKing3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Good numbers for ps4.
Sunset selling well, will be interesting to see mcc numbers :)

November is usually a bit slower on Christmas build up.

Mankey3248d ago


The most surprising thing?

Farming Simulator was the second best selling game last week?

darthv723248d ago

Kickin it into overdrive...Sunset Overdrive that is!

okay that was lame.

chrismichaels043248d ago

The PS4s impressive success continues to prove fanboys speak loud, but gamers wallets speak loudest.

lfc_4eva3247d ago

I want a brand new combine harvester........

TheWatercooler3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Damn. Is the PS4 really still outselling Xbone by 100,000 units a week? It's just total and utter domination.

PS. What happened to China? Alot of x fans said that was the savior?

ainTgoTTime2bleed3248d ago

China?...pssstff...wait for DX12/s

Alabamarolltide19903248d ago

10 disagrees lol. Wow got to love this site

oSHINSAo3248d ago

Fact, FIFA 15 was the best selling game... and there are no numbers for Xone & X360

Letthewookiewin3248d ago

Seriously the holidays are going to be great for the industry this year and gamers. Got burned by Unity by the way but can't wait for Dragon Age.

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ABizzel13248d ago

Hardware Results

PS4: Still on top, and doing well moving into the holiday season. EU is PS4 land.

3DS: Doing good across the board. US and EU numbers are good, but the launch of the new 3DS could have really pushed them up for the holiday. Regardless sales are strong, and JP is 3DS land.

XBO: XBO is really doing well in NA, but next week's sales will be even more telling since the price cut promotion will be in full swing, with a full week of sales. The battle for NA starts next week, and regardless we know NA will be split between PS4 and XBO at the end of this generation. Next they need to focus on simply getting their numbers up around the world.

Wii U: A price drop would have really helped them, but they're counting on Smash sales first. A price drop is likely to happen sometime early next year to keep sales up for the next several months.

PS3: GO, GO, GO, GO, GO.

360: Go, Go, Go, Go, Go.

PSV: It's time for Sony to throw in the towel for Vita, which is kind of sad, but after seeing development for Vita is about half as demanding as it is for PS3 (budget and team size, not programming), it makes sense as to why Vita didn't get the AAA support it needed. If there's a successor a simple PSTablet or PSPhone (Xperia) would be the route to go.

Wii: ...

Software Results

Sunset Overdrive: As I figured Sunset Overdrive was a modest seller, but congrats to being #1 Single Software. Hopefully it does better, considering all the praise, and hopefully the bundles sold/sell well too.

GarrusVakarian3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Sunset overdrive deserves to have sold sooooo much more.

It's probably my favourite game so far this gen, along with FH2. It's frustrating to see genuinely great games, that put fun above all else, pale in comparison to the usual run-of-the-mill AAA garbage.

MRMagoo1233248d ago

I agree that great games get ignored far too often, I think Katamari games should have far more sales than they do and I NEED one of the PS4 but it wont happen because FPS sell better and its annoying as heck.

DeadlyOreo3248d ago

But that's because the good games you are talking about are on the less desirable console. People are more willing to go without than buy an Xbox One for Sunset Overdrive for example. A lot of Microsoft exclusives will unfortunately suffer this way.

Bigpappy3248d ago

These are VGchartz numbers, NOT Official. Lets hope we get real official numbers soon. VGChartz is food only for fan boy fights. With digital being a big player, VGchartz is going to be even further away from true sale unfortunately.

ManiacMansion3248d ago

This are sales for only 2 days for SSO.

Also, digital sales are not included here.

I bet 500k for the first week which isnt aint bad.

Sayburr3247d ago

It does see strange that only about 3.6% of XBO owners purchased Sunset Overdrive after all the hype and great reviews...

I didn't get it, just not my style of game as a casual player... don't have time to build up skills needed to be good at the game.

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Afterlife3248d ago

It looks like Sunset Overdrive will struggle to sell 1 million.

VsAssassin3248d ago

I hope Insomniac creates a new IP for the PS4 after this. I've heard great things about SO, so I hope it sells well (I don't own an XboxOne, though). That said, Insomniac might port this to the PS4 down the road, though I would really prefer a new IP exclusive to the PS4 from Insomniac to a port.

wonderfulmonkeyman3248d ago

Wow, Bayonetta 2 hasn't dropped out of the top 20 for that chart! Just a few units shy of the 300K mark, too, that's good news!
Does that count digital sales? It might be even higher than that by now, if not.