Eurogamer: Siren: Blood Curse Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "Bloody Japanese villages: safe havens for murderous occult types, intent on turning their human sacrifices into a shambling posse of frothing undead. There are easier ways to commit mass benefit fraud, but there's no telling them. What's more, after decades of zombie education, a dozen Hideo Nakata movies, The Blair Witch Project, Scooby Doo, and all those spooky survival-horror games, you'd think people would reconsider 'investigating' a village that vanished 30 years previously. That shaky cam footage isn't going to help anyone, really, is it?

Still, so begins the latest attempt to inject some life into the cankered, festering corpse of survival-horror. Essentially a more coherent, polished and playable take on the inspirational (but woefully broken) 2003 PS2 original, Sony's Japan studio intends to release Siren: Blood Curse in 12 downloadable episodic chunks via PlayStation Network this summer. Having been given the first three episodes to cast our eyes over, one thing is immediately apparent: it's about ten times more playable than its often ludicrously exacting predecessors."

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hack64644738d ago

This game does look creepy, I'm looking forward to it.