3D would have been pretty cool, you guys

3D Gaming would have been really cool if it stuck around long enough to be a standard.

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GreenRanger1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Maybe it'll catch on in 25 years when they try to make it mainstream for the fourth time.

decrypt1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Yea you hardly hear console makers now talk about 3D. Well they tend to run their mouths on many things, for instance they been talking about 1080p gaming since last gen, yet still cant completely deliver on it. They will probably need another gen to get there after 2 decades of trying.

I have 3x 3d monitors in an eyefinity setup. It requires a monstrous setup to drive them (3 x GTX 780s oced), but dam the effect of 3d running across 3 monitors at 60fps is mind blowing.

Specially its cool PC can do 3D on just about any game ever released. I love Left4Dead running in 3D.

TardcoreGamer1434d ago

Problem was Sony and the industry in general pushing the tech out the door prematurely. PS3 didn't run games fast enough for 3D to be a good experience. A frame rate of 120 is par for the course with 3D (60fps for each eye).

Also issues such as "cross talk" with the shutter glasses were not addressed with first gen 3D TVs pissing off early adopters, like myself.

ramiuk11434d ago

while 3d looked cool in gaming,i couldnt get my head round it.
things felt to 3d that i couldnt sense depth or something,i not sure what it really was i struggled with but even after few hours i was getting wupped online.

i think the problem is the screen side of it is easy and quite cheap yet the power to create the game in 3d at an aceptable resolutuion and framerate is expensive and that cost on consoels i would expect to be another 10 years away to make 1080p in 3d gaming @30/60fps

badz1491434d ago

I would have love for 3D to stay. the PS3 clearly lacks the power to run 3D games at their full glory but couldn't change the fact that MS Apocalypse was amazing in 3D and some other games too. I hope we didn't see the last of 3D yet.

2cents1434d ago

I hope it doesn't die off.

I just bought the Samsung H6240 48" LED 3D for £550 from argos yesterday. haven't even taken it out of the box!

Cant wait to hook it up to the PS4 and X1, I've wanted a decent panel for a while now and this one seemed the best for the money for 2D, having 3D was a great bonus for me as I never really considered it before. it has that 2d to 3d conversion feature and I'm itching to see how bad of a headache it gives me on Halo MCC :)

I'm sure there are some indie devs out there who could try something in 3D with a smaller game. Well... I hope so.

mixelon1434d ago

The only ps4 game I know to have full 3d support is Trine2. Enjoy your TV. :)

Resogun really should support it given how well it worked in Stardust, but I don't think it does! :(

FriedGoat1434d ago

Trine 2 On PS4 can run in 3D and also Pinball FX. Although the other Pinball game on PS4 is much better.

2cents1434d ago

Thanks mixelon & FriedGoat!

I didn't know of those. I think I will have to check them out, if only to say I have tried 3D gaming on a home console :)

bigbearsack1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Sniper Elite 3 is in 3d as well. (ps4)

ramiuk11434d ago

3d films will continue to be made so its not a total loss.

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uth111434d ago

3D is always cool at first when it's reintroduced. In the end, most people don't want to hassle with special glasses most of the time and always go back to 2D

filchron1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

weve had glasses free 3D since 2004. trouble is people dont want to focus on 1 glasses free 3D screen technology and that stops progress because you have every company making their own proprietary glasses free 3D tech instead of refining an idea that works (new screens out now have a full 160 degree viewing angle before the image breaks up).

filchron1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Auto-stereoscopic displays that are coming out soon will play an even bigger part in gaming than 4K displays. if they dont i will have lost all faith in game companies.

filchron1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

@GreenRanger pff try 2. most companies are bringing out auto-stereoscopic displays by 2017 if not sooner. in 25 years there probably wont be any 2D displays left as holographic lightfield displays (which the military will be using AS STANDARD by 2016 will be ubiquitous and can show full 3D to even the most cockeyed of inbreds (the main naysayers of the technology) if you think holographic 3D isnt going to be a big part of the very near future then you've got some big screws loose buddy.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1435d ago

If they solve the problem of eye strain and fatigue, 3D may catch on. As of now, I don't see it being used anywhere else except movie theaters.

GryestOfBluSkies1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

eye strain is only a problem in active displays. i have bad passive 3d sets for years now, and ive never heard a single complaint about it. active 3d tech, with its eye strain, expensive glasses that need batteries, and syncing, killed the 3d movement. its unfortunate because 3d games and movies are amazing when done right.

FriedGoat1434d ago

Thing is though, Active looks so much better. Passive displays bump the resolution down and just don't have the pop.

I've had a fair few 3D displays and unfortunately eye strain and fatigue are problems with the person, not the display.

GryestOfBluSkies1434d ago


its unfortunate that 3d didnt come out at the same time as 4k sets. the bump in display resolution solves that problem. i have 4k passive set now, and it looks absolutely incredible

Jdoki1434d ago

I'm not a fan of 3D in games or movies - but I'm glad these tech things come along now and again. It's good when a company tries to be disruptive and change the market for the better. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

madmonkey011434d ago

i tried killzone 3, uncharted 3 and gt5 in 3d, but in the end i just preferred playing them in plain old 2d

FriedGoat1434d ago

PS3 3D was unfortunately terrible. The resolution was dropped because the ps4 couldnt handle it and it just looked plain horrible. Playing 3D on the PC is a whole other story.

Enmson1434d ago

The PS4 couldn't handle it? are there other games out there? i thought Trine 2 was the only 3d PS4 game.

FriedGoat1434d ago

My bad, I accidently typed PS4 instead of PS3.

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