Shulk amiibo Pre-Orders Available, Exclusive to GameStop

Earlier today Nintendo confirmed that some amiibo figurines would be retailer-exlcusive, however, those details weren’t specified. Now, it appears that we’ve received our first look at retailer-exclusive amiibos with the unveiling of Shulk amiibo pre-orders on the official GameStop website.

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Metallox1438d ago

Gamestop must love Xenoblade for some reason.

ZeekQuattro1438d ago

I got my copy of Xenoblade there as everyone else was asking for an arm a leg for the game. Yeah they love that game. It is strange. lol

pcz1437d ago

i love the game too. i would buy the shulk amiibo even though i dont even own a wiiu yet lol

i will most definitely buy a wiiu for xeno2

i just uploaded my remix for the music from saihate village in xenoblade .. please share!

Jackhass1438d ago

A year ago I never would have imagined a widely available Shulk figurine existing.

EastOfTheAnduin1438d ago

I just pre-ordered. In before GameStop sells out and starts selling "used" ones for $90.