Sony's profitability plan: Translated

Sarcastic Gamer picks apart a few convenient bullet points in Kaz Harai's presentation on Sony's annual strategic plan, in which he made clear his objective to make the division profitable.

From the article:

"Okay so in this glorified powerpoint presentation given by the Kazster, he laid out just how he planned to get the rest of the water out of the belly of the SS Playstation 3. What I found shocking, was that even without a lick of business sense, even I could have come up with this stuff. Below are excerpts from the "Bold, New Strategy" from Kaz Harai. (plus free comments and exaggerated explanation.)

• Accelerating cost down efforts
» Chip shrink

Roughly translated, don't be surprised if you crack open your PS3 one day and see it's somehow running on a processor made by "Fung's Discount Wholesale One-off 'Sell' Processors."

» Reducing the number of components

I'm not sure removing the Blu ray player is going to help sales, but its worth a try..."

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JSA-Gamer4741d ago

Oh man that was hilarious. The N4G sony fanboys are going to freak out after reading that .... I can't wait.

fishd4741d ago

Oh that was just a joke,calm down!

kosha4741d ago

This article is garbage. Its just a guy making up stuff.

Drekken4741d ago

Removing the bluray will definitely cut costs.... but what is the point if it DOESNT PLAY THE GAMES???

this site has become a pissing contest between the fans. Combing through the opinions and rants to find the news is getting old.

LGFreedom4741d ago

Dear God. Sarcasm dude. He was being sarcastic.

Drekken4741d ago

LG I know what sarcasm is..... if this site was called SARCASM FOR GAMERS, it would be cool with me. This is flame bait. It is throwing coal on a fire that needs to chill out.

GamerSigma4741d ago

It really does show how this "Major Announcement" is neither major, or really an announcement.

I 'm sorta starting to like my news this way...

Something's wrong with me.

ThatCanadianGuy4741d ago

I dont know why,but when i read an article.and it makes me think..

wow..this is just stupidity at it's best.when i read someone taking what other's say,and twisting it around.All i have to do is scroll to the bottom and see "sarcastic gamer" then it all makes sense.Just sone anti-social virgin teenager,trying to get some attention.

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