FINAL FANTASY XIII PC to have 1080p and more graphics options

The FINAL FANTASY XIII team have been working hard to improve your experience on Steam and we're happy to announce the following changes will be rolled out at the beginning of December.

■ All versions
Custom resolutions (720p, 1080p...) and graphic options will be added.

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RmanX10003542d ago

Well thats cool... Its not like Square to go back on something and "fix it." I say "fix" in the sense it wasnt necessarily broken but wasnt as good of a product as it could be.

bouzebbal3541d ago

this game still sucks, even at 9000p

Maxor3542d ago

Signs of a bad port: When they consider 1080p to be an "option" or a feature.

starchild3541d ago

Exactly. I'm tired of the developers that act like 1080p or 60fps is some kind of special graphical feature they are giving us PC gamers. Those things are basically inherent to the platform.

This is also why I find it sad that developers like Ubisoft that actually bother to create more advanced PC versions of their games with exclusive graphical features get nothing but grief from those who expect to max out every game and run them at 60fps. Those enhanced PC versions are generally demanding for a reason, but some people can't grasp that concept and immediately call them "unoptimized".

This is going to cause a de-evolution of PC games in which we get developers excitedly telling us that we will be able to play their straight console port at 60fps. Yippee. But, hey, at least we can play it at 60fps on a mid-range PC.

Volkama3541d ago

That's better than when 1080p isn't an option or feature at all, as per the current release.

Will be interesting to see what "graphics options" they do add in for December. Well I say interesting very loosely, it isn't actually that interesting. Interestingly interesting is a very overused word.

contradictory3542d ago

I'm really glad it came to steam. Maybe someone will mod a better battlesystem into it?

....a man can dream, can he not?!

Ultra3542d ago

Perhaps games for console versions should also have options for 1080p and 720p modes so gamers who opted for higher FPS over sharper visual would still be able to enjoy it.

Jdoki3542d ago

Big deal. A bad game is a bad game regardless of the graphics quality.

Would advise PC gamers to avoid unless they like RPG's where you may as well be running down a single long corridor for hours on end. Love vapid empty heartless stories. Get off on ridiculous uninteresting and often annoying characters. And also enjoy getting their spirit crushed when suddenly the game moves from a long corridor of encounters to an actual open world that shows promise but is a tiny part of the game.

The only slightly redeeming feature was parts of the battle system, but the Summons were terrible.

Volkama3541d ago

I don't know of any game character more annoying than whats-her-face. Like.... how can you talk like that? Nobody talks like that. If you are that annoying you get killed.

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The older it gets, the more I respect Final Fantasy XIII

Alex Donaldson: "Hindsight is a hell of a thing, however, and in the years since Final Fantasy XIII, my respect for the decisions its developers made has skyrocketed. In the two Final Fantasy titles since we see both the brilliance and the folly in alternative approaches - and in Final Fantasy VII Remake, we get a more nuanced understanding of what FF13 was trying to accomplish from many of the same development leads."

Einhander1972214d ago

FFXIII is actually one of the best Final Fantasy games.

I also sort of was disappointed at the time, never as much as the bandwagon. But really all the fantastic 3D rendered cutscenes and I actually liked the characters and the story though convoluted was actually fantastic and the ending was extremely emotional. So much budget and time were put into that game Square had such big plans, I actually have always felt kind of bad for how things played out.

I have been thinking for years how great it would be to get all three games on one disk for PS4 or 5.

Nyxus214d ago

I always liked this game, and I agree, a rerelease for current gen would be nice.

Shane Kim213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Gotta take off the nostalgia glasses. It's the worst FF. Shiva as a bike, I mean come on.

Elda213d ago

Shiva as a bike is strange but saying FFXIII is the worst FF is not at all a fact, that's simply your opinion.

Terry_B212d ago

*One of the 3 equally bad FF's

DivineHand125213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

When I got my series X a year ago, I bought FF13 for nostalgia reasons but ended up being disappointed. When I first played it around the time it launched, I didn't have a lot of experience with final fantasy games, so I enjoyed it. Fast forward to when I played it again, I found that the game had many unnecessary filler moments instead of just giving us meaningful content.

The game is also very linear and a quote on the article said it best. "It is like a sewage pipe that leads to the ocean until it opens up on Grand Pulse."

The story didn't make much sense either and I believe it is my mistake as I played the FF7 remake on PS5 prior which is a night and day difference in terms of pacing, storytelling and likeable characters even though cloud is aloof.

FinalFantasyFanatic212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Probably was a mistake to play any of the golden era FFs first (e.g. FF6 through FF10), it makes it harder to enjoy some of the FFs that aren't as good. I think FF12 was where major issues with the series started becoming apparent, and it just got worse from there.

FinalFantasyFanatic212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I didn't really care for it that much, the only saving grace was that it had a better story than 15 (overall it was better than 15) and possibly 12, and even then, you had to read some of it through primers, like reading a book. Plus the battle system was reasonably fun for what it was, even if it was more the spectacle that was exciting for me (e.g. summoning). And to be fair, the 13 trilogy got better with every games, I still don't like Snow though.

Gamingsince1981212d ago

Ff13 is only good if you haven't played a ff before, or any other games that are decent for that matter.

-Foxtrot212d ago

It is in fact no way the best Final Fantasy game, it's one of the worst

Linear corridors, Cutscene, Fight, Cutscene...rinse and repeat

Dialogue and characters are pretty bad, especially Lightning as the main FF hero, they literally said they tried to make a "Female Cloud" and they failed.

Story was pretty awful

I could go on

I think the only alright thing that came from the game was the music.

Elda212d ago

That's not a fact that's your personal opinion. The game sold 11 million copies between its 2009 release up until 2014 including critically reviewed as an 8 out of 10 or an 80 out of 100. The game does have some issues but it's not at all a fact as one of the worst FF games.