IGN: Three Red Lights Podcast, Episode 35

The IGN Xbox Team writes:

"In March of 2008, our podcast (and our lives) were forever changed by the words of Don King. For more than a year, we thought that the Three Red Lights were a sign of death. Now we know, it's a sign of rebirth. IGN has its own TRL of Life - Hilary Goldstein, Erik Brudvig, and Nate Ahearn... and sometimes Ryan Geddes. With Ryan out today we commissioned Colin Moriarty to be our special guest.

But today the Three Red Lights of Life burned a bit dimmer as we had to mourn the passing of our most valued member. As some of you may know, a very important piece to Microsoft's Xbox 360 marketing strategy recently departed from the company. That same cog to the corporate machine played an important role in our sometimes-weekly podcast."

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GiantEnemyCrab4742d ago

Does anyone actually listen to this garbage podcast?