The Last Halo: Why ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Will End The Series

There has been one truth more fundamental to the Halo franchise than any other. One property that defines it. And that’s that Halo Sells Xboxes. But what happens when Halo stops selling Xboxes? It’s a question Microsoft has to answer, because it’s about to become the case.

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christocolus2501d ago

I doubt that. I actually think Halo5 will inject new life into the series.

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Crazay2500d ago

I'm not even going to click the link to see what kind of asinine theory this guy has.

ger23962500d ago

Yes, but will it move a significant amount of consoles? Halo has defined Xbox and the fps genre, if it doesn't sell Xboxes nothing will. Definitely something Microsoft will look at before continuing the series.

TheWatercooler2500d ago

They will carry milking halo guaranteed. Even after the new trilogy the will find ways to keep it going. It's all about the sales for MS

Chris122500d ago

As Sony will keep milking their titles (Uncharted, LBP, GT, Infamous, TLOU etcetc).

It's all about the sales for both companies, no sales, no business. Just ask Sony's other divisions that have sadly bought a great company to its knees.

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mhunterjr2501d ago

Yeah ok guy... Halo will end, but it won't end with Halo 5

Gocatters17022500d ago

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn that Microsoft came out at some stage and declared a plan that extended beyond even a Halo 6. Anyone recall this at all? (Sorry can't think of the source)

showtimefolks2500d ago

This is a new trilogy so that means halo 6 is happening

I seriously doubt halo will end. The IP is worth a lot of money. Halo 3 was the high point sales wise. Ms has yet to top that number. Halo is the Xbox one like Mario is Nintendo. It's amazing to me how Sony really doesn't have one major mascot

Sometimes it's kratos
Something is Nathan drake
Most successful IP however is GT

I don't expect Nintendo to stop making mariao games or ms to stop making halo or Sony to stop GT. Too valuable to end l

Mikefizzled2500d ago

Gocatters I think you are after when they said that Reclaimer is no longer a trilogy and is instead expanded to a saga and that they also intend to drop numbering at some point.


Gocatters17022500d ago

That's what I was looking for. You're a star!

SideNote2500d ago

Yeah like a billion dollar franchise is going to end. Get real.

Volkama2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Indeed. Unfortunately great franchises don't end, they endure long enough for a moneyman to drag them through the dirt and ruin everything that was good about it in the name of a bit more cash.

chrissx2500d ago

There's no way halo 5 would be the last. No way

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