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Playing Call of Duty Can Make You Think Faster, Scientists Claim

CraveOnline: "Playing first-person shooters such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield can make you better prepared to learn new skills, researchers at the University of Rochester claim."

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Community1531d ago
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trywizardo1531d ago

Guinness , IGN and now scientists like it -_-
its just COD4 with jet backs :/

gazgriff2k121531d ago

lol cod makes ya brain lag.
battlefield now your talking think fast soldier there's a tank up ya but

JonnyBigBoss1531d ago

I don't know. There are a lot of gamers I know who are real doofus'. Maybe it's the illegal narcotics.

Aleithian1531d ago

Wasn't there a major study last year or the year before that concluded that playing most video games improved cognitive functionality, hand-eye-coordination, and a few other things?

Volkama1531d ago

Yes. Obviously whoever conducted the study did take their sample group from N4G!

Chrischi19881531d ago

Whatever, nobody will become smart,just by playing CoD. I think they just try to tell you, that you wont become dumb because of it, only if you dont do anything else.

I mean, I am sure somebody will misinterpred it and will actually think, it makes him some kind of genius.

I mean, obviously it will train your skill in reaction, at least to some point, but that is about it...

Oschino19071531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

SMH, the point is video games especially fast paced shooters like COD tend to throw a lot of info at you non stop. It's about taking in all that info and being able to make thought out intelligent decisions very quickly.

They even speak about templates being used, so after you learn the game well enough key pieces of info coming in will fit together to cause a prediction or almost instant reactions based on previous outcomes.

A good analogy would be watching many types of fast paced sports. It may seem easy at times but if you slow it and break down all the variables and thought processes going on it's a lot deeper than it seems.

Seemingly random split second decisions are really more akin to thought out trained reactions in hyper speed. Your brain doesn't need to be told what to do, it's already half way there.

Zenith4k1531d ago

Rubbish, ( and I'm not having a go just giving my opinion and like to hear your reply) having quick cognitive decision making only helps real world scenarios if you also train your body to these split second decisions. Playing fifa, or boxing games does not help you in a real scenario unless you train for them. Now I understand your talking about cognitive thinking and it's relation to quick taught process buts it's relation to real life must (in my option meet a few point). 1, “brain train­ing” games fail to pro­vide any actual “brain train­ing” because they were never really designed to tar­get spe­cific and rel­e­vant brain functions. 2, Is the goal to opti­mize driving-related cog­ni­tive skills? Con­cen­tra­tio n? Mem­ory? Reg­u­lat­ing stress and emo­tions? It's no point having the best muscles around if you don't train the rest of the body. 3, Train­ing must adapt to per­for­mance, require effort­ful atten­tion, and increase in dif­fi­culty to provide a successful out come. Looking forward to hearing your reply

Zenith4k1531d ago

You got disagrees for saying people will think call of duty will make them smart, duck me these idiots are every. Keep the faith mate not everybody still have the intelligence of a ape. Bubble up for you

Coach_McGuirk1531d ago

I don't doubt it. In these fast-paced FPS games you have to process a lot of information quickly. Play often enough and your brain will be wired better for it.

Chrischi19881530d ago

And this will only help you in that specific game. Name me one real life scenario, it improves anything. What you guys talk about is learning. Do someething more often and you get used to it. You learned it, just like driving a car. Playing CoD doesnt make you a better driver, even though you have the same amount of info to process. Reaction is also not really part of being smart or not. Reaction in real life is more for sports guys.

Coach_McGuirk1530d ago

um, the article says nothing about it making you smarter..

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