Viva Piñata!!! All you need to know right here

So a couple weeks ago I got my hands on Viva Piñata! You know? One of the handful of "E" rated games for the Xbox 360. In fact, considering all games marketed for young kids this is one of the 2 or 3 depending on how you look at it. So with that in mind, I believe there are no good games for that market. That is, until Viva Piñata came our way. Now this game is obviously marketed to a much younger audience, but I have to say I absolutely love this game.

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Islandkiwi4371d ago

Viva Pinata is a game I was looking forward to for a long time, so I was glad that it lived up to expectations. I only wish my garden were larger, but you are able to create multiple gardens using the same funds, so that point is somewhat moot.

But I really like the characters. My dragonache and macaraccoon are here to stay.

eques judicii4370d ago

i'm looking forward to getting up to a level that my garden expands again.... if you make a new garden with the same funds can you transfer over pinatas?

ChickeyCantor4370d ago

ok not yo bash you ppl but, i really dont get why you dont think this is kiddy, but when nintendo makes a game like this its totally kiddy.

i have played this on a gameplay event and i liked it, but i do feel a hypo vibe around here.