Galaga Hands-On

One by one, Microsoft is bringing the greatest coin-op games to Xbox Live Arcade, and old shooter fans will enjoy that one of the best, Galaga, will be available soon.

While Microsoft hasn't given a release date yet, it does have the title up on its test network, so we have to expect it'll be released soon. TeamXbox did get some time with it so check out their hands-on preview of Galaga for Xbox Live Arcade.

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PS360PCROCKS6204d ago

This is a sweet game, when's paperboy coming tho, now thats a classic..

Asylumchild6204d ago

YES I need this game I rock this at the arcade in my mall STILL HIGHEST SCORE

PS3Lord6204d ago

Ooh yess almost forgot, that the 360 could only handle this kind of graphic,soo sad i know just sadd.. lol 400$ for this sh1tty graphic like this , I would cry too if i were the sad 360 fans.. they are just bunch of sadd and pathetic sadd peoples on this planet. ahhaha

Cyclonus6204d ago

"sadd, pathetic x3sh1tty, ahha xbugz".....That just about sums up every post you've made on this site.

You are ignorant, irrelevant, and redundant.

If you're MUST get in your lame, off-topic flaming, then AT LEAST get some new insults, cause they are just sad(d).

But anyway, to the evolved human beings participating in this topic, ya think it will take Galaga as long to come out as SFII? Im jonesing for some new Arcade games....

6204d ago