Has PlayStation Plus Changed Without Sony Telling Anyone?

It appears as though Sony has recently made some subtle changes to their PlayStation Plus service - and didn't really bother to mention it. AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla asks, "What's up with that?"

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DragoonsScaleLegends3533d ago

I doubt this is true but who knows.

guitarded773533d ago

I was just fixing to ask if anyone has a source for this. Not saying it's not true, but seems kinda weird.

sinjonezp3532d ago

I read below and I think a lot of people did not read the article. What the title is stating is that Sony is trying to re introduce games back into the library, assuming they are trying to "boast" content. I honestly think it's a good idea considering new subscribers only have a chance at the most recent content. Maybe it was a server issue - holding all those games on the cloud and the amount of bandwidth it may take. I think and it's opinion only, as server structure becomes better, Sony will broaden its library again for people to download content. I think it helps with long term customers who may have missed out as well as new ones..

darthv723532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

the title seems a bit misleading or implies that it is a bad situation when the content reveals that it is a positive.

Well some services will bring back certain items it has removed to gauge interest. It's not a bad thing for older items to get another chance. So long as these older items are not being put up in place of what generally would be the new additions to the service.

I will say that the xbl service has been known to remove items from their service after they have been available for a particular amount of time(generally over a couple years). And its not just limited to games but also other media that is available through the service.

I have several old free tv shows and movies that I can go back into my download history and yet while they appear there...i cannot re-download them because they have been removed indefinitely.

One such item I know for certain I can't download (ever) is Outrun Online Arcade. that one was removed because it was no longer a licensed game. So I'm thankful I still have my copy and hope my HDD never crashes.

Articuno763532d ago

Yeah. I'm thinking some kind of licensing issue is at play there. Makes you really value physical media :P Gotta remember to do backups every now and then.

Eidolon3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Serious speculation here...

although I'd like to have a chance to grab NGS+ sinced I missed it.

Bytor3533d ago

Maybe there's sequels coming out.

twdll3533d ago

I think Sony has dropped the ball on several fronts, PSN included. They may not have done what the title of this article states, but I cannot stand several things since going over to PS4. Like the store for example... It is full of advertising and a convoluted mess of everything they offer. At least for the PS4. I wish if you were a paid member, they would take out the ads, for an ad free experience. It Pisses me off. And, make the ui fully customizable so we are not being inundated again with more ads and fluff. We should be able to take Music Unlimited, and all that other crap-load noone uses off the ui bar. Also, too many damn Vita games that they try to pawn off as a free game for ps plus. Just sayin. I love my ps3, my PS4 is soon to be getting the axe.

Muzikguy3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I disagree with a lot of things they're doing as well. I actually use the app on my phone for the store now. I don't see the ads as that bad, there's a lot worse out there. What I don't like are the downtimes and paying for a service that can't keep up with newly released games. I'm also mad about the Driveclub situation. I'm not paying for plus for awhile because the online just frustrates me. If Charter went down as often, I'd have a lot of free internet coming to me. I don't pay for a service when I can't use it, I don't care what the TOS says. Those are just words on paper, and can change any time to suit their needs.

As for the article, I'm not exactly seeing the problem. Seems like they're doing us a better service, people should be happy. Wth is the world coming to

yellowgerbil3533d ago

I love my PS4, I just wish the games would hurry up. As for the store, I love the PS4 store. It loads almost instantly whereas on the PS3 it takes like 3 minutes for me to even get into the games section there, and the PS4 downloads and installs in minutes instead of hours (I remember Hitman on ps3 taking 11hrs to download)
As for the ads, seriously stop complaining, ads are EVERYWHERE so why does it bother you that they are here too. Hell on this very site a good 30% of the screen is one gigantic ad.
I agree a bit about not being able to customize what appears on the UI as I have games that I don't even own anymore that are taking space there or games I'll never revisit taking up valuable space.

nunley333532d ago

I downloaded hitman too when it came to plus and it was big at 17gb but the only way it would take 11 hrs to download is if you have a 1.5mb DSL connection. I have cable internet so its 3hrs at the most for me. The ps3 store always loads between 5-10 seconds and the PS4 is a bit faster but not by much. There are some ads but they're not in your face or as many as with XBL. Those big games take awhile to install on ps3 but something that big would take about 45 minutes possibly on the high end. I agree ads really aren't a problem here, just improve the user experience and they have with PS4 and it'll get better over time.

DualWielding3533d ago

Disagree on your statement about too many Vita games, Vita gets 2 games per month (not counting cross buy) the same as PS3 and PS4.... I think that's fair for Vita owners... what do you want? for Vita owners not to get any games?

nunley333532d ago

I like getting vita games too and i hope more of the future titles run on Playstation tv. That would be supporting it but i'm asking too much i guess.

IcicleTrepan3533d ago

Yeah, the PS+ ads are freaking annoying. They already know you paid for it. I wouldn't mind if they showed it a month before my sub expires but it's just always there. Also I hate when it shows the new free game and you click on it and it just takes you to buy more PS+ instead of actually taking you to the game. WTF?

callahan093533d ago

Totally disagree, twdll. First of all, your "They may not have done what the title of this article states, but..." comment makes me think you didn't read the article. Because it sounds like you're thinking this article is conjecturing about (quote unquote) *yet another bad thing Sony did (in addition to the stuff I'm about to mention*, when in fact the article speculates about something very GOOD that Sony might have done (give more access to more PS+ games).

Also, I just got my Xbox One this week, and I don't see how it's got a better store than PS4's. It has advertisements as well, and a weird bug where after you download something or go back to a previous menu, the screen flickers black and that white circular loading animation displays for a second, before showing the store again. I found that annoying. The store is designed OK, but it runs a lot more sluggishly than the PS4 store, which surprised me actually because the PS3 store was sluggish as hell compared to the Xbox 360 store. For me, that turned opposite this time.

Also in comparison to 360, whatever happened to the policy of downloadable games requiring a demo? I miss that. I would have liked demos for Crimson Dragon and D4 and some of the other download-only games.

Sunet Overdrive is freaking awesome though, in my opinion (not that that has anything to do with what we're discussing haha, but I'm a huge Insomniac fan from way back, so it was one of the reasons I decided to get an Xbox One, and it didn't let me down in any way).

MSBAUSTX3532d ago

I really do nothave an issue with either Console's stores. I don't care about adds and it doesn't bother me that there weird glitches when transitioning from one menu to another. However, what bothers me is that I can not view trailers or demos, as you mentioned, prior to purchase on the XB1.

PS4 is a little better about this but virtually every game that is ready to purchase doesn't have a trailer or something I can watch. I am sure they want you to watch the uploaded videos of the games that people are streaming but I don't want to watch those.

I want the production trailers sometimes. That annoys me. Other than that I really don't have a problem with the online stores. The store on my Vita is really nice.

Picnic3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This is what many don't realise - 2007-2013 was a golden age of PS3 games and free online.

Now is Sony making up for lost profits by mostly only announcing games that they know will sell, charging for online and having adverts.

The better tech is a good carrot for people to buy the PS4. But the PS3 was a legendary bit of goodwill and innovative tech on the part of Sony. The PS4 is the smoother, safer, path to financial recovery.

kingPoS3532d ago

How is it you expect there to be no advertisements in the psn store? Was there supposed to just be a list of contents and nonthing else?

Quote: too many damn Vita games that they try to pawn off as a free games.

Too many games? How is that a bad thing. I may not have have a Vita right now, but i will bg the end of the month. Ive all ready got a 64gb card and tons of games waiting for it.

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twdll3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

About the Vita games, I just hate to see Vita games on my TV... If you have a Vita then you get Vita games, if you have a PS4 you get PS4 games. Thats what Im sayin...
And as far as the ad thing... Would you pay for Spotify and Pandora and still keep the ads...?
I did not think so, so why do it with Sony.
If I payed for my PS+ membership then I should not see any ads FOR PS+. Other ads I do not mind for games and such but cmon... PS+ I already own it dont need to see a million ads for PS+ on every page.

Two more things as well that need improvement...
Twitch Tv sux on PS4 compared to Xbox one...
the loading mechanism for discs sounds like a cheap kids toy. Especially compared to the Xbone.
Just sayin... Im venting people... ha.

purp13m0nk3y3532d ago

Speak for your self. I love music unlimited and use it almost every day.

Also. When has there ever been advertising and fluff in the UI?

And the store convoluted?! I'm sorry dude. But IMO the store is great. Super easy to find any one item using the very intuitive search function. And the whole layout is perfect for seeing new releases and up and coming releases.

No offence. But you come off as either a troll or a whiney bitch.

twdll3532d ago

Sorry but I disagree... Several new games I did not even see until I spent a few minutes browsing and trying to find them in the store the other day.

Im just saying that the UI should be more flexible for those people that are not using Sony services... It would be cool to incorporate other music stores instead of just Music now... Like Pandora and Spotify or even Grooveshark... :) Just sayin.

kingPoS3532d ago

Same here, I've tried pamdora, spotify and finally music unlimited. And out of the of those three, mu has the better selection of non english music. The variety of OST's they have isn't half bad either.

Once I heard vladivostok fm on gta4, I wanted more. lol

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