20 million Firefox 3 downloads in a week

Mozilla's Firefox 3 web browser, which was officially released one week ago, has already been downloaded over 20 million times since the official launch. This is a noteworthy achievement for the open source browser, which is rapidly eroding the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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Snoozer2824739d ago

That's mighty impressive and that doesn't even count the smaller hosters out there. We received 5k hits off our download and it's continually going up.

Woo, go firefox.

verb3k4739d ago

Like for example (which has 14 million downloads by themselves)

Booourns4739d ago

Firefox is the best!!

Hopefully more people can see the greatness that is this browser.

aaquib54739d ago

Apple Developer Connection gave me a developer preview of Safari 4 and it isn't too impressive. I've noticed the same speed, but there aren't new features. The only noticeable feature is "Save as Web Applicaton", which allows you to place websites on your dock. The memory leak has gotten even worst though. Half an hour looking at a basic page like N4G or Google News, and the memory for Safari is 200MB +.

heavyarms4739d ago

I cant get it to work with vista. I've been using safari now. Every time i start firefor3 it crashes.

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