Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Emily Ratajkowski Interview

Super model Emily Ratajkowski, who's best known for her starring role in the Blurred Lines video, is featured in Activision's new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare commercial. She talks about working with director Peter Berg and Taylor Kitsch in the game spot in this interview from the set.

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Dagobert1533d ago

She would have sounded better if she was talking about food recipes.

ThanatosDMC1533d ago

Well, that was hardly an interview. I wish she had more screen time. :(

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ThanatosDMC1533d ago

It's COD Advance Warfare commercial. She becomes a goat or camel when he tried to kiss her.

deadpools_n641533d ago

Ah OK then. No commercials on Netflix and any gaming I watch is purely gameplay. Last year I didn't even know till a month later Megan Fox was in the ghosts commercial (she picked the wrong game)

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