Assassin's Creed: Unity Looks Phenomenal In 4K

Assassin’s Creed: Unity looks phenomenal on the PC in 4K with all its bells and whistles enabled.

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TheSaint1528d ago

Sure, shame hardly anyone has a 4k capable machine though.

Bladesfist1528d ago

I doubt I would care if I had one. I am gaming at 1440p on a 144hz monitor which I find pretty amazing.

Bloodjunkie1528d ago

Looks not as good as i thought. I think that Mordors Shadow looks a bit better.

SniperControl1528d ago

Tbh, i didnt think shadow of mordor was that graphically impressive, even with the ultra textures installed.

Volkama1528d ago

I've only got as far as watching the benchmark play through, but I agree. It wasn't visually very impressive even in 4k with the highest settings.

But the benchmark focuses on the landscape, and I hear it is the character models that carry the visuals. I'll actually get round to playing it at some point so I can see for myself :)

traumadisaster1528d ago

So u watched on a non ultra high Def screen? Like having a 720p tv and saying this 1080p game looks the same.

Or a 800x600 monitor looking at 1280x720 saying looks the same.

SniperControl1528d ago



I have a 65" 4k TV, to which my PC is hooked up to.

Volkama1528d ago

Not sure who he's replying to? You didn't even reference watching anything in any particular resolution. Maybe a misplaced comment.

What are your favourite games to really show off the resolution?

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starchild1528d ago

Shadow of Mordor looks decently good, but it's a cross-gen title and doesn't hold a candle to Unity.

slinky1234561528d ago

The hair looks really weird... And not just because they're supposed to be wigs.

starchild1528d ago

Weird. I thought the hair looked awesome. Next to Tomb Raider this game has the best hair I've seen in a video game. You can see each individual stand and the way the light passes through it and illuminates parts of it looks fantastic.