Over 30 Minutes Of Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Footage Shows Character Variations

NetherRealm Studios have shared over 30 minutes of Mortal Kombat X gameplay footage, which they showed off via livestream recently. The footage shows off some of the playable characters that have been revealed for the game thus far, along with their variations.

The stream begins around the 14:00 mark. NetherRealm say the build of the game being shown off is the one from Gamescom, so the final release will differ slightly from what you see on the stream.

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ZombieKiller1535d ago

I'm dying to play this game. MK9 was awesome ESPECIALLY as a long time MK fan. I'm so unbelievably THRILLED that WB games bought Boon and Co. and Netherealm Studios is the perfect name for them too.

Between this game, Arkham Knight, and now Shadow of Mordor (ABSOLUTE SLEEPER HIT FOR ME!!) WB games, is my new freaking hero!

LONG LIVE MORTAL KOMBAAAAATTTT!!! <----is it me or does that sound funny together?

Travis37081535d ago

@ 29:40 that Fatality Epic!!!!!

lemoncake1535d ago

This is one game that i wish was coming out now, I have always been a big mortal kombat fan and this one is looking great.

Kingdomcome2471535d ago

The stages are gorgeous. There's so much detail in everything. This could vie for the top spot in the MK franchise.

Snookies121535d ago

Freaking awesome, certainly looks like a refined MK9. Really pumped about this game. Been a fan of Mortal Kombat since the first one. Having them go back to the good ol' linear plane fighting has been a real treat.

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