Does the PSP software revival start here?

In the week in which a Sony exec confessed PSP had suffered from publishers shifting their resources to other platforms, but added that "there are a lot of [PSP] games coming out in the Christmas period", it's good to see the first two weeks of July kicking off with four relatively high profile PSP titles.

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soul899er4741d ago

yeah, and screw the guys that didnt want to give support, we got Square giving us 2 exclusive games, 1.Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 2. Dissidia Final Fantasy

cliffbo4741d ago

the PSP needs proper development time and effort, were as the you only have to sneeze to produce a DS title. a little harsh, i know, but there is a sniff of truth there

soul899er4741d ago

OMG! V is that you? is it time for the next revolution? :D

PS360WII4741d ago

hopefully we hear some stuff at E3 because I just got a release list and it isn't even a half a page long :(

HiddenLynx4741d ago

isint there a new mgs psp game on the way?

Strife Lives4741d ago

But Konami,please give us another MGS portable ops! And Namco,another Tekken ,Ace Combat, and please,some new I.Ps. Original stuff,make characters up. Like the first time I heard about Blinx the time cat lol make one up,Insomniac,come on! And while we're there,can we have a uncharted or maybe a devil may cry or Resident Evil? ? ?

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