PS4/XB1 Fully Harnessed For Assassin's Creed Unity, Says Ubi

According to Alex Amancio, Ubisoft harnessed as much as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as they could for Assassin's Creed Unity.

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TheWatercooler1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I can't take their lies. They have held back the PS4 version to cater for the week xbone.

I really thought parity was going to be a thing of the past.

lfc_4eva1531d ago

If you know more about the newer architecture, then why don't you knock out a non-gimped ps4 title.

darthv721531d ago

Not to worry saltwater...the game looks very good and would serve to be a worthy piece in any ps4, pc or xb1 AC players collection.

gangsta_red1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Considering parity was never a thing of the past, how can it be an issue now?

As you can see with this article they are doing things with this AC that hasn't been done before for the new systems. The closest to this game would have to be Deadrising 3 which also had 1000 npc's on screen and no loading times. I don't think there has been one PS4 game that had an open world AND that many NPC's on screen. Not even Infamous SS had this, so what gimped that game...Xbox One?

Plus add to that the multi player/co-op, underground exploration and the interior of buildings and you can probably see why resolution had to be sacrifice to make way for more gameplay and design.

I know this is a troll comment but hopefully others who felt the same way the first time around have gotten the picture. Especially those who really thought that just because a past AC for older consoles could run in a specific resolution it must mean this one could too.

u4one1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

explain to me why the character models took such a hit AND it runs at 900p. and don't give me the Ubisoft gimped the PS4 version especially considering even second son started facing cpu problems with ai. I'll throw in the fact that Watchdogs also ran at 900p on PS4 while the XB1 version ran at 792p. Were they only just kinda gimping that ps4 version? What about the other sub 1080p games? Why isn't infamous locked at 60 fps? Why isn't Driveclub locked at 60 fps? The PS4 may be "a bit" more powerful than the Xbox One but its not like the difference between a console and a pc. The PS4's power difference is that it can sometimes hit 1080p easier than the Xbox or sometimes run a slightly more stable frame rate on multiplats. I have both consoles and I'll tell you, the graphics are pretty similar on both systems - even with exclusives. The graphics on a PC however blow both consoles out of the water. The way you talk, you want a PC. Stop pretending the PS4 is one.

Pogmathoin1531d ago

Watercooler, someone above mentioned about never going full retard, I suggest you take that advice too. Your comments are somewhat the same every single time, about as useless as Liverpool right now! But you can improve!

GameSpawn1531d ago


Infamous Second Son concentrated on particle effects. When you go to photo mode while using the powers or during explosions you'll get it. They even rendered the tiniest little screws coming off destroyed objects -- these show up again in the photo mode shots. This is why Second Son was lacking in the number of people on screen.

Frankly, photo mode is so damn awesome Sony should incorporate it into their core dev kits so every game developed on the PS4 can have it at the flick of a switch.

SonofGod1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

PS4 has framerate issues and pop-ins even at 900p on Unity and you people still believe the PS4 can handle Unity at 1080p?


LamerTamer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


You miss the point. If the xbone is doing all of those things and can hit 900p the PS4 should be 1080p or at least have some other upgrade such as better draw distance unless you are claiming both have identical hardware. The GPU is better on PS4 so if both are being used to their fullest logic says they won't look identical which they do here. People seem to have so much trouble with the concept. It is like a Prius and a Corvette going up a hill, yes the hill will slow them both down but the more powerful Corvette will always be able to pull ahead.


Watch Dogs on PS4 ran at a higher resolution and had better shadows and better AO. So that means that at least the PS4 advantage was used on that title. If the same carried over to Unity then the PS4 should have better shadows, AO and run at a higher resolution. Why could the PS4 run WD better than the xbone but now suddenly they are identical in Unity? It isn't about "1080p" it is about both having exactly the same graphics on hardware that is not exactly the same. Parity due to politics or at best a lazy port is the culprit here.

Alexious1531d ago

Well, it's not certain yet if the PS4 is completely identical to XB1. It has the same resolution, yes, but maybe it has a better frame rate/graphical effects.

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spacedelete1531d ago

its usual Ubisoft BS don't believe them. theres stream on twitch and looks same as other games in the franchise. even AC black flags looks better graphically.

Raider691531d ago

I have seen it and i also believe that Black Flag looks better overall.

starchild1531d ago

Lol you guys are funny. AC Unity looks A LOT better than AC4, the later of which was already a very good looking game.

There is simply no doubt that AC Unity is a more graphically advanced game all around. The character models in Unity are huge leap over those in AC4. The numbers of NPCs isn't even comparable--Unity is on a whole 'nother level. AC Unity uses physically based rendering, while AC4 did not. AC Unity uses more advanced reflection mapping, including screen space reflections, which were missing in AC4. AC Unity has more massive scale and is at approximately a 1 to 1 ratio unlike AC4. AC Unity has seamless interiors for around 25% of the buildings in the game, while AC4 had nothing approaching this. I could go on with many more examples of ways that Unity is more advanced than AC4, but it's already easy to see that Unity is way ahead of AC4.

ITPython1531d ago

As long as the PS4 version remains in parity with the XB1 version, they didn't fully harness anything.

I'm still not buying this game (at least not new) if it remains 900p on PS4. I don't care how good it looks on either console, it's the principle of the whole thing.

dreamed1531d ago

Lmao....have fun counting pixels...the rest of us are gonna play this to death!!!!!

LamerTamer1531d ago


No one has to "count" anything. You can see the difference just by looking at it. No TVs are 900p native which means upscale blur artifacts and aliasing.

angelsx1531d ago

So to expect next Assassin to be 720p?Jeeezzz

Christopher1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Yup. Just like they harnessed the full power of the PC on Watch_Dogs.

To be honest, guys, this isn't journalism. This is just recanting what a PR man tells us. You can chose to believe that all you want, but I know that the real end goal is for them to sell us a game and not the truth behind their development and decisions made by management.

Kumomeme1531d ago

really promising with 900p parity
not mention bad port for pc

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Imp0ssibl31531d ago

I hope that's not quite true, honestly...

shloobmm31531d ago

They always max out the consoles. Its more about finding more efficient ways down the road, No one says hey im gonna use 255 of the consoles power and that's it,

affrogamer1531d ago

they max out what they can do with it at the time!

Fro_xoxo1531d ago

It seems like it.. I'm not even a fan of Assassin Creed but I've got to acknowledge the technical marvel that is Unity.

Alexious1531d ago

I don't know. It looks good, no doubt, but the heaviest PC requirements yet? Not sure that it's that much of a marvel.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will probably look and run better, although admittedly it has fewer NPCs on screen.

starchild1531d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of my most anticipated games, but it doesn't look as good as AC Unity. It's held back somewhat by the last gen versions. The geometry is a little last-gen-looking in places and the materials simply don't look as good as those in Unity. The lack of physically based rendering in Dragon Age Inquisition really holds it back somewhat.

All the best looking games so far have used physically based rendering: Ryse and Infamous Second Son, for example, owe a lot of their good looks to the use of physically based rendering. The Order 1886 and The Witcher 3 are also using it. Basically, games without it don't have nearly as realistic looking lighting and materials. Lighting isn't just whether something is lit or in shadow, it also has to do with how every material in the game looks and how they react to the lighting. Physically based rendering allows for much more accurate and consistent diffusion and reflection of the lighting in the game. This results in much more believable looking materials, and basically ties all the lighting together in a much more accurate and consistent way.

Aurenar1531d ago

Ubisoft humor is always in the forefront.

Metallox1531d ago

I doubt it. They have already said the're considering to make a new engine for next entries.

Mithan1531d ago

Engine doesn't translate to not using the power. They probably realized how crappy the current consoles are and what they need to do to increase efficiency.

Metallox1531d ago

For the most part it means better visuals. It happened last gen with Assassin's Creed III, for example. Visuals made a considerable improvement from previous entries.

Imp0ssibl31531d ago

That's probably for the best, they have 3 open world IPs and all of them use different engines, it's ridiculous.