Pocket Gamer Hands on with Line Rider 2: Unbound on DS

Tracy Erickson reports:

''It seems that the best DS games are also the simplest. Few button presses, totally intuitive use of the stylus, and cute graphics. Check all three off for the handheld adaptation of internet phenomenon Line Rider. The wildly popular flash game takes toboggan aficionado Bosh on a new adventure in the DS's Line Rider 2: Unbound.

Freestyle mode keeps Line Rider 2 tethered to the original flash title. Using your stylus, you're able to draw outrageous tracks on which Bosh can ride his little sled. Simple physics determine how Bosh and his sled move through your creations. Draw a descending hill and Bosh accelerates down the slope; inversely, he'll lose speed climbing an ascending gradiant. The fun of tinkering in Freestyle mode is to design crazy tracks with steep slopes, loops, and big jumps. Aside from taking advantage of the stylus for drawing tracks, it's essentially the same game that's available online, beautifully brought to DS.''

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