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"For quite sometime, the PlayStation Vita has seen a drought of quality JRPG games ever since Persona 4 Golden came out. Since then, many fans of the genre are hoping that a good JRPG game will be released soon and alas – it did as Bandai Namco finally decided to localize Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita. Being a remake of the DS version that was released only in Japan, expectations are quite high as Tales of Hearts R is the first Tales game to hit the portable device in North America that is not from Nintendo. As someone who has played a majority of the Tales game, Tales of Hearts R gave me mixed reactions – it’s a good game but it disappoints at the same time as it’s the weakest one in the series yet." - JPS

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HentaiMasterRace1532d ago

There have been a lot of good RPG's on the Vita since Persona! This guy's on crack.