AMD Catalyst 14.11.1 Beta Released, Brings Performance Optimizations In COD: AW & AC: U

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today, we shared a new driver for NVIDIA’s graphics cards. Well, AMD has not forgotten its users and has also released a new beta driver that brings performance optimizations in both Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed: Unity."

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FromTheAshes1527d ago

:( No support for the mid-low end AMD? My 260X can use some love too!

Genova841527d ago

AMD has been really diaappointing me with their drivers lately. 14.9 rendered my quad firing 6990s useless. I can only use one of them and 14.9.1 which was supposed to correct the issue wouldn't install correctly. I either could revert to 13.12 or 14.9. I chose 14.9 for now, but I'm just glad my new rig will be ready soon.

kinda wishing I didn't let my friend convince me to get a r9 295x2 instead of a gtx980. Very frustrating indeed.

FromTheAshes1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

That sucks. I am thinking of making the switch to Nvidia as well. Nvidia is winning on the performance, efficiency, and driver update front at the moment. AMD needs to be more aggressive.

karlowma1527d ago

I was benching a GTX 970 vs a Radeon HD 290X today. Guess who won?

Team Green is looking good these days.

Twignberries1527d ago

Are you serious?? R9 295x2 rapes a single gtx980!

Genova841527d ago


On paper it looks amazing. However, every game that's come out in the past 2 months, at least that I care about, is optimized for Nvidia drivers or has some special features only for Nvidia. Also the R9 295x2 is twice as expensive as a GTX 980. I hope it's worth my money ... the 2 6990s I bought 3 years ago, sadly, were not.

Twignberries1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Well to be more specific, it really depends what res you are gaming at. I've got 2x r9 295x2 for 4k and can tell you first hand they are currently the best cards on the market for driving 4k hands down.. Especially after the latest driver. The main problem isn't with amd or nvidia (which btw I'm not a fanboy, I love both) it's the software developers more often than not.

Side note though, all this nvidia exclusive stuff is getting me a little salty, especially after I invested so much in AMD this time around.

Genova841526d ago


I'm currently only gaming at 1080p. I play from my recliner in my living room and until the price of 65" 4k tvs that actually run at 60hz comes down, I will continue to do so. So many of them claim 120 hz but it's really 24 frames flashed 5 times which is totally unacceptable for gaming.

My original plan was to get a strix 970 to tied me over until the next big thing came. Now that the 980 ti is delayed to 2016 though, I think I will be ok with my choice.

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Deividas1527d ago

Woot Woot. AMD getting it together and releasing the Optimization before the release. Nice one indeed

karlowma1527d ago

Nice to see some updates, but still no crossfire fix for Shadow of Mordor, a GotY contender.