Elite: Dangerous isn't an MMO yet, and it may never be

BitPulse writes: A big part of Elite: Dangerous doesn't work, and it comes out next month.

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Jdoki1527d ago

I never really considered Elite was an MMO in space in the traditional sense. I was just excited about having a new version of Elite more than anything!

Whilst it's fair for an article to discuss the lack of multiplayer in the first public release, it glosses over the amount of positive feedback, so seems there's plenty to enjoy without needing doom and gloom articles like this.

I can't wait to play it and have my CH FighterStick and Throttle on order, and hopefully delivered later this month.

R6ex1526d ago

Personally, I'm glad the emphasis of Elite: Dangerous is not so much on PvP battles, as I enjoy more of the exploration feature of the game.