The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Confirmed for 3DS?

Junkie Monkeys: It’s been known for a long time now that the devs behind The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth have wanted to put the game on the 3DS. Not only did the devs want to put the game on the 3DS because of the art style, but because they believed it would feel right on Nintendo’s handheld. Well, up until recently the devs have had issues getting the game through anything with Nintendo. A new photo may have just confirmed that the game may be coming to the popular handheld after all.

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MRMagoo1231534d ago

The game is worth putting on every platform , it has a deceptive amount of depth and has way more replay value than most triple AAA games currently on the market.

WillGuitarGuy1534d ago

Agreed. I was hoping that it would be my game of the year before release. Now that it is out it's definitely looking that way. I'd love to be able to switch between Smash Bros. and Rebirth on long trips. :D

spacedelete1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

not sure if we played same game. its very repetitive with very little depth. you press one of the face buttons to shoot tears into enemies. whats so special about that ? even the new COD has more depth.

MRMagoo1231534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

OK who summoned the contrary fairy ? What have I told you people on this site? never have 2 positive comments in a row otherwise you have a 90% chance on summoning the contrary fairy. /joke