New Assassin's Creed Unity Video Shows It Takes 34 Minutes To Explore The Entire Map

Take a tour of the entire map from Assassin's Creed Unity.

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George Sears1530d ago

Just received confirmation on Amazon that it is being shipped! Can't wait to play it tomorrow!

smolinsk1530d ago

Can someone please stop this guy, his voice is unbearable to listen to:O

Ser1530d ago

I feel bad for agreeing.

Lwhit61530d ago

Poor guy is probably trying his hardest and the only thing people notice and talk about is his voice.

smolinsk1529d ago

Yes but then find another guy for the job.

smellslikeralph1530d ago

picking up my copy at midnight gamestop. coming home and playing till 5am then work at 6 yup cant wait

FullmetalRoyale1530d ago

I was contemplating staying up until two(my time) and playing my copy. But, since I am off tomorrow, I think it will be wiser for me to wait until I wake up tomorrow.

You'll be playing for a lot of us tonight, friend!

smellslikeralph1530d ago

I will make sure to assassinate a few for you. Im not off tomorrow i wole up this morning at 4 its 7 now ill go to bed at 8 wake up at 12 play till 5 go to work at 6 come home at 1:30 then play till i pass out lol

FullmetalRoyale1530d ago

Thanks brother! :)

I always hate trying to get to sleep when I know I have a game waiting for me in the morning. Makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, still.

Enjoy the hell out of it, man!

Palitera1530d ago

Is there any kind of fluid emergent gameplay this time (like Skyrim, RDR, Shadow of Mordor) or is it still mostly instanced (pigeon for assassination requests, markers for this or that group of missions etc.)?

Surely there were robbers and couriers before, but I feel like previous games were pretty limited on this aspect of making the great mechanics and varied design merge into the open world.

DougLord1530d ago

Not exactly a huge open world. I've been to Paris multiple times. You can't walk from the Arc d'Triumph to the Louve in that time.

Lwhit61530d ago

If it took you the amount of time in game to walk that as it does in real life I'd be severely dissapointed. Its a videogame for crying out loud

Aleithian1530d ago

Was there ever confirmation regarding the scale ratio between this map and the real Paris? I heard Notre Dame is 1:1, but I'm guessing that's not replicated across the entire play area.

joab7771530d ago

Ever seen the gta5 comparison of LA to the real LA. It's absurd how small the scale really is.

Aleithian1530d ago

Sure, but there were reports that Ubi had modeled at least some of the buildings, if not the entire region of Paris in the game, on a 1:1 scale.

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