David Hayter: “Kojima-San was always pretty subdued whenever we met”

Voice actor/writer/director David Hayter has answered questions from the Reddit community regarding his upcoming movie projects, the main differences in the voice acting of Solid Snake and Big Boss, his time spent working on the MGS franchise and his initial reaction when he landed the role in the series.

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Special-Agent-Milo1531d ago

David Hayter will ALWAYS be Snake. No matter what Kojima does.

SquidBuck1531d ago

Except for the Phantom Pain lmao :P

user55757081531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

don't count it out kojima always has a surprise. based on the timeline solid snake could be in the game. i would imagine david hayter would not be allowed to ruin the surprise and tell people he's in the game

Exari1531d ago

@knockknock but if he was really there, wouldn't it be wiser to let the fans know? because i think it would help increase the sales of the game..

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

He's iconic and a man just saw today that he co-wrote the first 2 xmen movies! What a guy!

breakpad1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

totally agree ...David Hayter is the true snake ...while i didnt like him so much in MGS4 ...Kiefer is bland , boring and colorless he s not giving any character to the "charater"

ZombieKiller1531d ago

What a legend. I hope his absence from the series is really just a joke from Kojima. Even if he doesn't play Big Boss, I just would like to see him in the game. Well, HEAR him in the game.....


ReturnToSanity1531d ago

I really don't think the new actor is a bad choice. I cannot spell his name, I can just say I lol. But Hayter sounds like a younger snake, 24 actor matches big Boss at this age more and he's familiar with espionage character roles. Perfect in my opinion.

KwietStorm1531d ago

Keifer Sutherland. If anything, he basically IS Solid Snake on his show '24.' That's the biggest reason I'm not throwing everything out the window without David Hayter. The voice may be gone, but I wouldn't choose anyone else as a replacement.

bigboss19901531d ago

David hayter will always be snake to me.. Just really hope they bring him back as solid snake in a metal gear remake or something..but I do think he should bring back he's voice tone he had in mgs1 though that was he's best acting in my opinion :)

Moe-Gunz1531d ago

I stick by my feeling that Big Boss should have never been voiced by Hayter. Solid Snake will always be David Hayter, but I honestly feel Big Boss needs and always needed a voice different from that of Solid Snake.

DarXyde1531d ago

Exactly this.

Now people feel entitled to having Hayter play Big Boss. He never should have been in the first place. Personally, I'm not so convinced this man is Big Boss. The prosthesis and shrapnel in his skull coupled with his insane amount of scars misleads me a bit since he'd have to heal perfectly by the time he's old. I really think Hayter will be in the game, but I can't help but feel uncertain. I would like to believe this IS Big Boss, but the different voice and scarred appearance has me doubting a lot. I can get into my theories, but I'll be good and not do that lol.

morganfell1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Agreed. I really wanted Richard Doyle for MGS3, MGS PO, Peacewalker, and for MGS5. His performance in MGS4 was spot on.


We don't know the extend to which Big Boss was rebuilt using the parts from Liquid and Solidus.

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