These 4 Things Need to Change for Destiny 2

Destiny isn't broken but for the sequel to fulfill the massive potential Bungie has created in its next big IP, these four things need to be addressed for Destiny 2.

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Halo2ODST21533d ago

It's more than 4, but the game is fun until a certain extent were it turns to boredoom

deadpools_n641533d ago

They should a followed borderlands 2 a Lil more. At least on the side missions and character depths. I know some will disagree, that's fine.

OhMyGandhi1533d ago

I feel like they advertised the game as "halo meets borderlands", and went off into a completely different direction.

itisallaboutps1533d ago

1 the crappy story
2 more content that's all

Panzerkanzler1533d ago

To be honest I had high hopes for this game. I bought it and after a week of playing it I haven't touched it since. The game is much like the traveller itself...a polished but empty husk. I'm not letting bungie rob me again and I won't be buying any of their future products in the Destiny line.

JeffGUNZ1531d ago

I really don't get all the hate for Peter's performance as the ghost. He's a robotic cube, what kind of voice acting were people expecting? The major issue for me is the lack of a griping story. Many times throughout the game I had no idea what the heck was actually taking place. Also, I hope the DLC expansions change the mission structure as opposed to go to point A, deploy ghost, kill enemies, mission complete.