The Banner Saga, Toren, Kyn, Armikrog Coming to PlayStation

Posted by Georgina Verdon on Nov 10, 2014 // Crusader at Versus Evil -

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last 2-3 years, you’ll have noticed that there’s an underground movement in the world of video games: indies.

Versus Evil is an indie publisher who has been lucky enough to partner with several talented, passionate indie studios to help them launch their “babies” into the big, wide, rabid world of gamers. Yes, that’s YOU lot! We are beyond excited to tell you about a few games that will be coming to the PS4 in early 2015. Each one is unique in its own right.

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SoapShoes1532d ago

Looking forward to The Banner Saga, heard great things about that game from buddies on Steam. Also looking forward to Armikrog, they had me at "creators of Earthworm Jim" I loved both of those games on Genesis.

hazelamy1532d ago


the only question i have is, WHEN?

badz1491532d ago

Toren sounds pretty much like Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. I freaking love that game!

Relientk771532d ago

Majin is an underappreciated game

badz1491532d ago

AGREED! the game itself is awesome, gameplay and battle are enjoyable, the characters are likeable and the story is pretty good too.

It didn't get enough marketing though and was buried beneath the hype of other games which is sad!

ThunderPulse1532d ago

The Banner Saga is going to be awesome on the PS4!

Letthewookiewin1532d ago

I remember seeing reviews for this and wanting it but didn't have anyway to play it, well now I'm happy.