The WWE 2K15 Roster Isn’t the Biggest in the Series, and I’m Actually Fine with That

GeekParty's Blake Steil: "To be honest, I think that we’ve been spoiled on roster size these last few years. WWE ’13 had 106 playable characters while WWE 2K14 boasted a max roster of 104. Comparatively, this years game only has around 63 characters on disc, with more being added later via DLC.

Right off the bat, yeah, 104 is a much bigger number than 63, but let’s unpack those statistics."

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ghettosmurf1533d ago

It's probably been over a decade since I played a wrestling game, but Sting is still all over it.

KiwiViper851533d ago

For the first time in a decade.

SuperBlur1533d ago

"but maybe 60 hyper-realistic character models was all they could handle for their first go with the new hardware. I don’t know."

I dont think it is the amount that is the problem. The NBA has well over 60 players across its league , It's more to do with time constraint me thinks.

jrshankill1533d ago

WWE are the ones who select the roster. WWE also pay the legends for appearing in the game. With the recent profit drops in the company due to the Network and TV deal (that saw investors sell their stock), it's no wonder that the legends roster in the game have been cut way down.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1533d ago

Then your simply just a sheep then.

Exies71533d ago

The roster size is fine in my opinion, but I'm sure others wish there were additional wrestlers.

Cra2yey31533d ago

There's characters in them games I nor anybody I play with even use like zack Ryder so a smaller roster with big names is fine.

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