The Wii U Has the Best Exclusives, but Nintendo Isn’t Mentioning This

GeekParty's Jake Valentine is bewildered by Nintendo's lack of marketing for the Wii U's uniquely excellent roster of exclusives.

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Beetey1531d ago

Let's be real: the Wii U doesn't even have the best exclusives among the current Nintendo systems.

Concertoine1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The 3ds has been out since 2011, how is that a fair comparison?

The Wii U has a lot of quality games, more than the other two 8th gen consoles. Of course it's also been out longer, so it would be a shame if it didn't. But all you have to do is look at the top ten highest rated next gen games, which is about half Wii U, to know that it has some great games.

rdgneoz31531d ago

It has a ton of quality games, though it has nothing in the way of big name 3rd party games. Hell, it's getting Watch Dogs months after previous gen systems and it won't be getting any of the big name ones coming out for the holiday season.

People like variety, and when you competition can offer big names like GTA, COD:AW , DA:I, Far Cry 4, Dark Knight, Evolve, Mortal Kombat, etc and you can only offer hope that the companies will come to you... Doesn't always look good.

Also, "best" is subjective. Someone might enjoy running around Middle Earth more so than running around as Mario in a cat costume, for example.

Concertoine1531d ago


Well, when i said "quality" i was referring to critical reception.

But I wholeheartedly agree, thats why i never said "best", different strokes for different folks.

Alinea1531d ago


well theres more to it than mario

like xenoblade

smash bros



you get the idea

lelo2play1531d ago

"The Wii U Has the Best Exclusives, but Nintendo Isn’t Mentioning This"

That's debatable. Personally, I'm not too fond of most Nintendo exclusives.
Taking a look at WiiU exclusives...

... I would be only interested 3 or 4 of those games.

kwandar1531d ago

I don't think it is debatable at all, on this generation's console (I'll argue PS3 has the best, due to its extensive library at this point.)

At the moment, how many Xone or PS4 exclusives would you be interested in? There aren't that many to choose from.

ghettosmurf1531d ago

I'm pickin' up what he is puttin' down, but until I can count on some physical friends showing up on my couch consistently I can't justify the system.

Summons751531d ago

A lot of the games are single player with an option of coop. As for your friend situation, I would suggest making friends... I don't have friends come over much due to our life schedules but if we can get together even once a week a few or all of us things get real fun. Sorry you don't have friends and think that's what justifies this system.

souldestroyer141531d ago

Only losers play Mario kart or Mario party by themselves.. So depressing

telekineticmantis1531d ago

Trust me, just bought a Wii u, all the games I was told by journalists were great games, cant hold my attention for more than a couple days, im already about to trade Wind Waker... WHAT ARE THESE REVIEWERS TALKING ABOUT. To give a game thats solid at best 9's? Why? Now next year is when youll see the Wii U ramp up, That Zelda game looks much better, a possibility of seeing a new Starfox, Splatoon and Smash at the end of this year, now its getting worthwhile exclusives...

HaveSumNuts1531d ago

The Wii U has to have amazing exclusives because 3rd party games rarely touch the platform.

Sincere01211530d ago

Agreed, Just like the other 2 consoles ps4 and xbox one need to have good third party as their exclusives are average at best.

TXIDarkAvenger1531d ago

I think most people are aware Nintendo has a lot of unique exclusives but the lack of 3rd party support and a proper online system equivalent to PSN/Live puts people away.

souldestroyer141531d ago

Destiny and shadow of mordor may not be exclusives. But they are exclusively not on the wii u

andrewer1531d ago

Although logically it makes sense I don't think it can be used in here. If you ask yourself "Wii U exclusives X PS4 exclusives X Xbox One exclusives", destiny and mordor aren't in any list, thus not exclusives.

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The story is too old to be commented.