Quarter Of A Game For Half The Price

Every gamer has some budget limitations, limited time, or both. And sometimes the game your are interested in just isn't that great at full price.

What if you didn't have to buy the full game at full price - there was another option. The Quarter Game where you could get about one quarter to one third of game for one half the price.

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DualWielding1528d ago

You don't need to buy games at launch.... if you wait you can eventually buy the full game at quarter price

bjshepp1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Such an idiotic article. Who in their right mind would want to spend money on an incomplete game? There are multiple ways to get discounts on new releases without even having to wait for a price drop.

I generally enjoy reading N4g since it's a great way to get all the latest gaming news on one website, but every once in a while, garbage clickbait opinion pieces like this get approved.

maxxco1528d ago

I'd like to play Evolve but after trying the beta that game is only going to be fun for awhile, and if I wait 3 months to get it no one will be online.

I think it would cool to play lots of games with all my friends but I can't afford em all.

Mr-Zex1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"Who in their right mind would want to spend money on an incomplete game?"

It's funny you say that because lately that's what we as the consumer have been doing. We've all been getting shafted after purchasing a new game only to take it home and discover that it is virtually unplayable until an update actually occurs. Somehow we continue to accept this time after time and I for one don't see how this is acceptable creation and marketing of a game, it's inexcusable.

Devs are more than happy to release a game, DLC and more content while the game is broken and unplayable (look at BF4's launch) and its not an justifyable system, especially when I've used my hard earned money to purchase it.

I just felt the need to point that out and we as a consumer are just accepting this and letting it go by, I think its unfair.

N4GDgAPc1528d ago

Well this has really already been done. Telltale games release in episodes. But I just wait till all episodes come out and buy it as one package.

Tiqila1528d ago

if it was half the game for half the price with the option to upgrade to the full game so that no extra costs emerge, I could understand, but why would anyone in their right mind pay half the price for a quarter game?

Volkama1528d ago

And how would it even work? You can't divide games into fractions like that. Unless you block off half the screen I suppose.

I'll take the opening scene of TLOU, 10 minutes from the middle in the form of a "relationship montage", and then the last 30 minutes.

And FIFA I'll have the Premiership and the International teams please.

Tiqila1528d ago

I don't support the idea and would not buy half a game ever in my life, but it sounds reasonable and some people would make use of it.

Telltale games is doing it already by dividing their games into equally sized chapters and releasing them one by one. Then there is blocked content, e.g. in the PS+ version of driveclub. This one is free of course for PS+ users, but it would also be imaginable that non-ps+ users could buy the ps+ version (for a fraction of the full game price).