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"Advanced Warfare proves that innovation is still possible within the FPS genre. The action has never been more chaotic, but at the same time never more precise and controlled. It’s visually stunning on the new gen consoles and PC, showcasing what is possible with the new 3 three year development cycle. The campaign is a visceral blast, while the multiplayer scene offers an enormous amount of content and customization. Sledgehammer Games has delivered on giving Call of Duty a new feel, superior look and has ensured the fun factor is higher than ever for the fans of this explosive franchise." -BootHammer

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ContraCode1531d ago

Sledgehammer Games did a great job on this one. A big step up in most areas.

Cream1531d ago

You might be right but who dropped the ball on P vs P servers.
Multiplayer Game play sucks.

Cream1531d ago

sorry buddy... I didn't know you had Stock in Activision.
Wow, are you a developer?

Dudebro901531d ago

Been playing since launch day, next to zero problems. Get a better connection?

Cream1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

LOL Comcast Blast.
100 MBS. Speed test .net =123mbs.

Client side servers! people that do well lag and piggy back off of host.
Client side server... Google it.

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BootHammer1531d ago

They sure did! The new 3 year development cycle proved to be very beneficial. Solid game, impressive visuals and lots of content.

ContraCode1531d ago

Oh definitely, the 3 year dev cycle is the way to go.

Relientk771531d ago

This game is baller

great campaign and multiplayer

BootHammer1531d ago

Absolutely, and the Exo suit is sick :)

Summons751531d ago

It's a very generic and predictable plot and the multiplayer is even more broken than Ghosts.......yeah SOOOOO GREAT. Cod fanboys are so gullible.

Dudebro901531d ago

Call of duty haters that obviously don't have the game are so sad. They have nothing better to do but troll n4g.

Summons751531d ago


Yes Im trolling when there are tons of people reporting a nearly unplayable online, a generic story, and a very same old same old COD. I wouldn't put two cents toward supporting this title but my idiot (best) friend did and he regrets buying it. I watched all the above so maybe you should just open your eyes and realize your 'flawless' game is really a broken mess.

Der_Kommandant1531d ago

The game is surprisingly good.