There's nothing wrong with the Halo 5 beta yet

GotGame writes: Put down the pitchforks, the Halo 5 multiplayer is fine so far.

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qwerty6761531d ago

a guy whos never played that game says its fine so far

lol what a stupid article.

shloobmm31531d ago

but its okay for people who haven't played it to doom it?

Knightshade1530d ago

Sadly, that's the state of most "fans" nowadays. :/

ImAPotato1531d ago

im ok if the Scoping doesn't affect accuracy and stuff. i cant wait to see what they are going to show tonight!

Kingdomcome2471531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I've got bad storms right now in my area, and the Live Events app is acting a fool. What a beating.

Edit: The Halo channel app stream is working perfectly. Nice.

lawgone1531d ago

Yeah I've been watching on just fine but Xbox live is having issues.

Kingdomcome2471531d ago

Man the Beta is beautiful in motion. The lighting is unbelievable.