Sony Launches The Tomorrow Children™ Alpha

Today, after many users signed up during E3 2014, Sony has launched The Tomorrow Children™ Alpha. Users should receive a notification on their PS4 from PlayStation that reads,

"Your participation in this ALPHA is highly valued as YOU will help provide information that impacts the development of the game. The ALPHA starts November 10, and will run through November 24. Press Enter to download the Alpha Test now. Check the quick-start guide on the Alpha forums and the PS4 Live Area for the game for helpful information. Enter the Void and enjoy The Tomorrow Children.”

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Inzo1532d ago

I cannot wait for this game.

medman1532d ago

I know, right!! The Tomorrow Children, Rime, Wild, Below, and Ori all look amazing....and The Witness.

beastModeOn1532d ago

Man! This games look freaking amazing and so different.
Love the looks of this game. :D

Xavior_Reigns1532d ago

The game looks quite interesting, hope to hear some positives instead of fanboys spewing garbage from their pathetic mouths.

Omran1532d ago

Don't argue with fanboys

Rimeskeem1532d ago

So i played it for an hour and realized.

1. the game looks stunning
2. the concept is interesting and unique
3. gameplay seems solid
4. I need to figure out how to play the game

badz1491532d ago

you got into the alpha? do we need to register for it or something? or is it just random invites, which I highly doubt.

Rimeskeem1532d ago

I registered for it a while back and got an email around 10 days before the alpha that I was invited.

Sketchy_Galore1532d ago

I watched a fair amount of it streaming on Twitch earlier and it looks like exactly the type of thing I want. It contains elements of many other games but I still have no idea what it's actually like to play through, which is a rare thing these days sadly. In these times when we can look at pretty much any game and know how it will play it's nice to have a game coming out with snazzy current gen graphics AND (shock horror) an intriguing new concept.

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