Much awaited Halo Channel is now available on Xbox One

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is about to launch tomorrow and Microsoft is preparing an all out Halo Assault with the launch of the much awaited Halo Channel app for the Xbox One. There's no word on a Windows Phone version at the moment, but we expect it to be available soon and to most likely launch before its availability on iOS and Android according to 343 in an interview a few weeks ago.

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jguzmanr811530d ago

Full out Halo Assault - I like!!

masterfox1529d ago

omg really a Halo channel ?, isn't enough milk ?

gameon19851529d ago

Dude, waht were your thoughts when sony re released TLOU for PS4 then will re re release it again for ps3? can you say milked?

its_JEFF1529d ago

I'm not agreeing with @materfox but there is NO WAY that TLOU can be considered "milked." TLOU for the PS4 was "remastered" the re-release on PS3 was like a game of the year edition, something that happens all the time.

There have been 10 Halo game releases since 2001: Halo:CE 2001, Halo2 2004, Halo3, 2007, Halo Wars 2009, Halo3:ODST 2009, Halo Reach 2010, Halo:CEA 2011, Halo4 2012, Halo:SA 2013, Halo: MCC 2014. That doesn't include the Halo comics and live action movies/shorts.

MS has turned Halo into a yearly release, which is great for Halo fans. When I say yearly, I don't mean it in the same way as COD so don't bite my head off. All I'm saying is that TLOU isn't milked.

u got owned1529d ago

Says the guy with the killzone avatar. How original.

gangsta_red1529d ago

Yes a Halo channel app for iOS and Android where fans can get more details of events, Halo encyclopedia, twitter live stream, etc, etc.

All that sweet, delicious milk.

Too bad you're lactose intolerant.

MeliMel1529d ago

Lmao.... Bubble for funny!

Pogmathoin1529d ago

I love and I hate this time of year! Still got games from this time last year unfinished! Still, bring it!

qwerty6761529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

ill check it out later i guess.

@masterfox well u dont own a XB1 so u have nothing to worry about, curious to know why you click on halo articles though.

TRD4L1fe1529d ago

Xb1 just continues to get better and better in entertainment

insane2k61529d ago

About time to finish the fight. The app is awesome!