Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 10

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"On this episode we answer a range of questions, some of which include:

*What current trend in gaming would you like to see change and why?
*Will The Devil’s Third flop because it’s only on Wii U?
*What are your thoughts on Overwatch?
*What games do you want to get from Target’s Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale?
*Will Marvel’s Netflix series be tied in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe?"

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MrKennedy1530d ago

I enjoyed this episode of the Throwdown Questions Ep 10.

rbailey1530d ago

Great episode. The Target Buy 2 Get 1 sale is definitely a great deal for those who can't wait until Black Friday. However, the sales on that day will be equally insane as well lol

Profexxion1530d ago

I'm hoping Overwatch can reach the level of polish that you find in Team Fortress. I didn't adopt the latter title early in it's life so this could be a good start for me.

yamelmegames1530d ago

I'm hoping I can use Target's trade-in program to take advantage of the buy 2 get one free deal going on. Hate to miss out on it again!

Romudeth1530d ago

I hope my Target has games this year. Last year all they had was CoD and Madden lol

HisRoyalFlyness1530d ago

It's really weird when Tony & Brian get along, you guys stop doing that!
Also no Day-Z plug this episode hahaha

Romudeth1530d ago

That's because Brett was missing lol