Bioware Streaming Drool-inducing Dragon Age Inquisition on Twitch

Bioware is currently streaming Dragon Age: Inquisition on Twitch, so be sure to check it out.

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XboxDD1532d ago

Not bad, I digged the presentation on Microsoft's conference.

Alexious1532d ago

Early impressions suggest that the game may be a GOTY contender.

micx1532d ago

The presentation was good, hopefully it really ran on X1, but who knows...

Sketchy_Galore1531d ago

My only concern for this game is that it will be more focused on action than interacting with the world and people (in ways other than violence or military strategy). I'd put all that to rest until recently a preview on YouTube (can't remember the previewer's name) claimed to have played the first four hours and claimed at least in that small beginning chunk there's very little room for choice to the degree that there aren't even dialogue options for accepting quests (or declining or demanding more money etc).

I really hope they know we want a real deep story and not just another action game with the occasional loot drop and good or bad guy choice. My favourite points of any Bioware game have always been interacting with a recently discovered village's population or just exploring the Citadel. By the time of Mass effect 3 it almost seemed like The Citadel was just an interactive menu between the levels of an action game.

Palitera1531d ago

The masses mostly want a straightforward game, though.

I'd like to know how the game will balance the product for the different publics...