Could Other Alien Movies Make a Great Video Game, Too?

Alien: Isolation may not be entirely perfect — the way the final sequences change the tone of the adventure doesn't sit well with many players — but anyone who thinks it's not the single best video game interpretation of Ridley Scott's iconic film probably needs to lie down and sleep off their confusion. Slow-paced, atmospheric, and above all tense, Isolation manages to do something wonderful. It restores the Alien to its rightful place in sci-fi lore: A daunting, unstoppable monster.

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gangsta_red1535d ago

I think an adaptation based on Alien 3 would have been a better idea than Isolation.

Being a prisoner surrounded by the worse scum of the universe, gives a reason as to why everyone might want to kill you. Not to mention you can have prison guards as another added antagonists. Throw in an alien that wants to kill everybody and that makes for some great gameplay.

The story could be great too, a framed man sent to a prison because he knows too much. Who ever framed him lets an alien loose in the prison to not only kill him but everyone he might have talked to in prison. The main gameplay is you trying to escape the prison while dodging guards, convicts and the alien.

Like the article said, A Butcher bay type of game with an Alien running around.

guitarded771534d ago

The two most misused licenses are Alien and 007.

So much potential for greatness and the devs given the golden ticket fall on their faces 9 times out of 10.

They're like "Here, we are giving you some of the most epic content ever created for you to work with", and the devs are like "DERP!!!".

morganfell1534d ago

Instead of making Bond games deep thrilling experiences, they are inevitably bland cash grabs, linear in nature and lately a trend where that linearity is further increased by voices telling you constantly,

"Bond, open that door on the right."

WTH? I am in a building? Is Bill Tanner watching me on camera.

"Bond, pick up that phone on the crate?"

Really? 007...The babysitting version.

Horrible expereinces. Even worse, they are disappointments that tell the studio, "Bond games do not sell so there is no sense in sinking money into them. Do it quick and cheap."

A true shame considering the last film was one of the best Bond movies ever made and the next one with the same director is now shooting.

Dannycr1534d ago

When I went to the E3 and the Devs showed the in game footage of the game, I was so sure that the game was going to be great that seeing all this love for it makes me feel great.

I actually mentioned to the devs (since I was blown away by the gameplay) if maybe they could tackle other monsters like Krueger, Jason, Myers, etc.

NegativeCreep4271534d ago

WTF? Isn't that thumbnail from Binary Domain?

Agent_hitman1534d ago

Speaking of that thumbnail photo that the submitter uploaded, that guys was 'Big bo'.