New Atari merch on the way

Atari T-shirt Riot

Atari are to team up with London based Rocket Licensing to bring a range of merchandise based upon the company's many trademarks to the UK.

In a press release that must have left Gamestation execs uncontrollably giddy, Atari and Rocket outlined how the partnership plan to license apparel, figurines, art books, music and accessories based on Atari's many trademarks, particular the classic "Mount Fuji" logo, as well as the Alone in the Dark brand.

Rob Wijeratna, Joint Managing Director of Rocket Licensing, says: "The Atari logo has had enormous resonance from the era of the first video games right up to the present day and, through games like Alone in the Dark, Atari is still at the forefront of gaming innovation."

Time to throw away those tri-force sweatbands, kids.

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