The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is Wonderfully, Gloriously Broken

Technology Tell writes, "In my most recent run, I played as Azazel, one of the unlockable characters. He starts out with flight, a sort of short-range brimstone shot and three sin hearts. Instead of soul or normal hearts, sin hearts deal significant damage to an entire room once knocked off. Flight is now bolstered by this new version of Binding of Isaac‘s impeccable mechanics, frame rate and a few of the new features. Large rooms and chasms, to be specific. With so much no-fly zones for enemy shots, having flight gives you a ton of options for defense.

Also, he starts of with brimstone. I mentioned that right? He starts. With. Brimstone. You know what happens when you get brimstone in this game? Everything dies."

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TheGrimReaper00111531d ago

I am having fun with the game

Not my fav, but I play it every now and again.
(plus it was free anyway =P)