Persona 3 Portable’s Heroine Needs More Love

Technology Tell writes, "The problem is, despite her story being quite fun and interesting in Persona 3 Portable, she’s completely forgotten in all other forms of Persona media. I know, her existance and story isn’t canon. Still, I can’t help but wonder and wish we had a choice in some games. I’m talking about Persona Q , in particular. After all, Persona Q has Theodore as part of the cast, a character which only appeared in Persona 3 Portable. It seems suspect that he would be able to make the transition, yet Minako couldn’t."

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Tross1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I agree that Minako is underrated, though I still accept Minato as canon. I actually dislike Theodore as he's simply a male Elizabeth and it's a disservice to one of my favorite characters in the entire series for the devs to write a male knockoff. It may sound hypocritical that I accept Minako, but that's largely because Minato's a silent protagonist type, so creating a female version is fine by me. I generally dislike Rule 63, but swapping silent protagonists is an exception for me. Minako's fanbase probably isn't that high though, possibly due to the fact that she's only playable in a horribly butchered port.