Firefox Impressions From An Internet Explorer User : 5 Things Microsoft Can Learn From Mozilla To Build A Better Browser

The latest release of Firefox 3 should give Microsoft something to worry about. They should consider revamping their lackluster browser, Internet Explorer if they are to regain their dwindling market share. An article that takes a look at how Firefox is better than Internet Explorer, and the lessons Microsoft should learn from Mozilla to build a better browser.

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Adamalicious4741d ago

The biggest problem with IE is the rendering engine. I assume that Microsoft feels that if they adopt one of the superior, open source engines like Gecko or, even better, WebKit that they would be irrelevant (as though they aren't headed that way already). It shouldn't matter though - IE is only available on Windows so they should just be trying to pack the best browsing experience possible into their OS so people don't feel the need to get a 3rd party browser. The only reason I can think of that they don't just start using WebKit is that they don't want to publicly acknowledge that someone writes better software than they do.

Sayai jin4741d ago

Yup, I use both.

Why are there so many non gaming articles on this board?

ThatArtGuy4741d ago

It has buttons for Industry, Technology, Development, and More.

Man can not live on bread alone, and neither can advertisers, I'm sure.

zapass4741d ago

just like with RROD, a lot of suckas are plenty satisfied with crap, as long as it satisfies their urge to conform.

m$ made a huge business out of this sad fact, kinda like GM and SUVs.

FF rulez, and it is lightning fast under OSX.
BTW, OSX just got ZFS: the only file system that is ready for high bandwidth home servers.

windows is so retarded these days, it's not even funny