Top 5 Things Xbox One Needs

While Microsoft has made signifiant strides these last few months, there is still work to do, but they're off to a good start. Let's countdown the top 5 things Microsoft can do to regain that momentum throughout this holiday season and beyond.

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TheXgamerLive1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Ahhhh never mind.

Rob Hornecker1532d ago

There some good points brought up here. Some things I would like to to see is a voice command to "eject disk" added in at some point.
It would be nice to find info right from the xbox 1 menu when a "error" code pops up. That sure would make trouble shooting the error alot easier.

All in all,I have been very happy with my xbox 1. The monthly updates have been well thought out and always welcome ( alot faster then getting a update for the 360 only now and/or then )