Power Rangers Super Megaforce - 3DS Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Games based on existing IPs are always a gamble. Sometimes they have such great backstory or characters that development teams are then able to run with successfully (Batman, some of the Transformers games immediately come to mind). Others are absolutely horrid, broken, buggy titles that feel incredibly rushed (just about every non-Spider-man and Batman superhero game). Most tend to fall into a middle range where they feel slightly undercooked. Playable, fun if you check your brain at the door, but hardly qualify as good use of their license. Power Rangers Super Megaforce falls squarely into this category as it fails to do anything terribly new with the source material or innovate gaming in any particular way - but it is not a bad game either and can actually serve to help kill several hours of time on your 3DS.

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