Games developers must fight internet abuse together

The games industry has failed to prevent the current deluge of abuse directed at developers and needs to find a way to stop it.

In the last two months, abuse against members of the industry has risen exponentially. Countless have condemned this behaviour and yet it still isn’t dissipating.

The abuse currently polluting Twitter and other social media is largely aimed at female devs – targets include Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn and Giant Spacekat founder Brianna Wu – and often linked, though not always, to #Gamergate.

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Anon19741533d ago

It's telling that in an article about developers standing up to abuse and harassment, the comments section of that article had to be closed within minutes of this article going live because people were using it to personally attack and degrade Brianna Wu within moments.

Just goes to show how much growing up is needed by many in our community and why we need people to speak out. Like they said, you ignore a bully and that bully just ups the stakes.