Blizzard Aiming To Empower Women in Overwatch, Downplay Sexuality

As Blizzcon 2014 got underway, issues surrounding the harassment of females in the gaming community and the representation of women in video games took centre stage. Blizzard President and CEO Michael Morhaime sent a message to the gaming community to reject hate and harassment, and prominent Blizzard lore guy Chris Metzen discussed how Blizzard is attempting to promote a positive image with the female characters in Overwatch by encouraging diversity and not oversexualizing the characters.

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NegativeCreep4271535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Sexy women can be diverse and intelligent as well(e.g. Lara Croft). Why does it have to be either or when it comes to diversity and sexuality? It has to be one or the other because once again, that is just the fat and/or fugly feminists agenda in play.

Me believing that women can be both at the same time makes me the true feminist.

cleft51535d ago

True feminist argue for women to be sexual as well. Feminist aren't against sexuality, it's people like Anita that push their extremist agendas that are against it. Don't be fooled into thinking the nonsense that Anita is pushing is actual feminism.

Remember doing the 60s women where burning bras and walking around bare chested because they where making the statement that they had the right to expose their bodies as they saw fit. At the same time, they where fighting for women to have the right to be conservative as well. A true feminist is after equal rights without being held back because they are a woman.

What Anita and that crowd push is better rights and zero accountability for woman that behave in an offensive manner. That isn't feminism, it's them being sexist. If you are a woman that disagrees with them you are the enemy. The same way if you are a man that doesn't blindly follow them you are the enemy.

Chrischi19881535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Equality is only good, if you only take the good sides of equality. Sometimes equality bring bad stuff. I mean, think about women in military, wouldnt be fair, if the man has to do the dirty work, just because there is some woman in his team. No, they are treated equally, same rights, same punishments, all the same, not only the good sides.

Somehow many feminist forget that little detail and only focus on, where they want a change and then shout "equality".

ShaunCameron1534d ago

Meh. Most "true" feminists were useful idiots for Marxist-Communist cheerleaders just like their Western liberal-progressive brethren using equality as a smokescreen to promote the degradation of Western society and help facilitate the "revolution."

breakpad1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

hhaha stupid blizzard is stupid ..because Anita S. (a non gamer -pop-critic)created some turmoil on internet for sexual females in gaming ...blizzard (as a serious developer sarc. ) listens and compromises imediatly ... Blizzad Gtfo you r tired at making games let others continue

Neixus1535d ago

If guys in videogames get to be big and muscular, then women should also be fit and pretty.

It's pretty common sense,right? There's -nothing- to argue about.
Besides, it's a fantasy world with fantasy characters, they're supposed to contrast the average IRL person. Because they're nicer to look at, than someoke who goes to McDonald's every day

annoyedgamer1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Credit URL: Kotaku

This is why I appreciate foreign games much more than I used to because they understand males and females are different and celebrate those differences while remaining grounded in reality. Metro and The Witcher are primary examples of this.

cleft51534d ago

I do agree with that too an extent, but I appreciate foreign games more because they don't compromise their vision to please someones lame political agenda. Clearly too many western developers aren't willing to stand up for their creative vision.

ShaunCameron1534d ago

That because Marxism hasn't fully taken over Japan like it already did in the West yet.

NiteX1535d ago

So the purple sniper chick wearing a skin tight suit isn't sexist?

rainslacker1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Nope. Objectifying women and sexism are not the same thing. Sexism just sounds more evil.

On topic though....When has blizzard ever really had overly sexual female characters? For the most part all their character art is pretty moderate, but they have a lot of flair when it comes to their outfits. Funny thing is...the sexy outfits in say wow are wearable by both male and female characters of any race mostly.

gamer78041535d ago

I want creative characters of all types. But by excluding a sexy character by default they are discriminating before the design process has even started and defeating their own intentions. World of Warcraft has wonderful character designs. Thank you platinum and Nintendo for sticking with your artistic choices, the review scores alone have proved you were right in creating a main character who is sexy, empowering, funny, and is comfortable being who she is... bayonetta.

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