Target Black Friday Ad 2014 With Xbox One, PS4 Deals, 50% Off Games

Techtorial: Target Black Friday ad for this year has appeared offering big deals for gamers.

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Jaqen_Hghar1534d ago

Look at that PS4 deal though it's a shame TLoU is only a download. Still 2 games with it for the base price. A man knew retailers would offer some great PS4 bundles. Hopefully SCEA has some official ones as well. Also the 50% off hopefully applies to SoM and Sleeping Dogs Definitive. A man already got all 3 telltale PS4 games in the B2G1 promo yesterday.

SoapShoes1534d ago

This essentially makes the PS4 $290. $60 for GTAV and $50 for TLOU. Two of the highest rated games of all time with one having won the most GOTY awards of all time. Best holiday bundle imo.

guitarded771533d ago

Well... kinda. But Amazon has them cheaper on the daily, and will have them on sale on Black Friday, so it's kinda difficult to go off full retail. Either way, it's a hell of a deal for a core gamer looking to get a PS4.

I just know whatever retail has for Black Friday, Amazon will == or exceed it.

Death1533d ago

You see the Xbox One deal? $329 and two free games valued at $119 plus a $50 gift card. That's like getting an Xbox One for $160.

VforVideogames1534d ago

Mark my words: once we start downloading tlou we're gonna have problems with psn.

Kingthrash3601533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Go home^^
I mean you may be right psn may have its problem's with so many new owners around that time ...but how's bout we complain when and if that happens.....leave the off topic negative bs as the door.

1533d ago
Muzikguy1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I agree with ya. Might even get a patch that comes out one month later to fix it... Who knows

Seriously though, the downtime is ridiculous

Muzikguy1533d ago

I'm surprised at that X1 bundle. Two games, they system, one month of live, and a $50 gift card? All for $329? I'm beginning to wonder where MS is making money. It's starting to look like they're just giving the system away

susanto12281533d ago

MSFT made 23 billion revenue last quarter it was they have money to burn

Spid3r61533d ago

They where already had a 40 dollar advantage when they had the Kinect. Taking off the Kinect probably gave them a 60 dollar advantage over the PS4.

XXXL1534d ago

That's a badass PS4 bundle

n1kki61534d ago

It's a sweet deal I agree, but I am not sure I like this trend of 1 year old games being remade and bundled for the holidays. Wish their was something new to pack in with the ps4 this year that was brand new, something other than little big planet 3. I don't care since I have a ps4, but I am looking for a second for another room. I would rather get the console discounted wihout the games. For those that haven't play them yet though, it's a great deal.

TheEnigma3131534d ago

Good thing I waited out for shadow of mordor and evil within. That PS4 bundle is a sweet deal.

illAmpRefugee1533d ago

Yea thts cheap 4 those games 2bad they will be sold out 15 mins after doors open

fanboysmackdown1534d ago

Some great bundles out there from the top 2 and great game prices too.

fanboysmackdown1534d ago

N64 and Sega Jackass system fanboy.

Kevlar0091533d ago

There's actually nothing for me with their WIiU deals. Already have MK8, getting the Smash and GC bundle from Amazon. Was looking forward to picking up 3DWorld and Tropical Freeze.

Gonna pick up Madden tho. My Dad wants it because of the Seahawks and because it's Football, and at 50% off is a good deal.

Death1533d ago

Maybe he was referring to the top 2 systems with highly rated exclusives. Funny that the two systems with less sales have the better exclusive games.

Shadow Man1534d ago

Damn it the Xbox one deal is hard to ignore, same with the ps4.

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

330 + free games + a 50$ giftcard. that basically makes the console like 200 bucks. damn thats cheap. course, getting the PS4 with GTA5 and whatever other game would still make little timmy happier in the long run.

WickedLester1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The wording in that ad is a little deceptive. It's not 329.99 in addition to a 50.00 gift card. It's a 329.99 value BECAUSE of the 50.00 gift card. In other words, the system is 379.99 but you get a 50.00 gift card to use towards anything in the store. Still a hell of a deal but not QUITE as sweet as it's worded.

gamertk4211534d ago

No it's 329.99, plus the 50.

WickedLester1534d ago


It says "329.99 WITH 50.00 gift card." That usually means it's at that value because of the gift card, not in addition to it. Is there any other documentation you can link that says otherwise? (Not being argumentative. I just want the confirmation).

CerealKiller1534d ago

@WickedLester Where are you seeing 329.99 WITH 50.00 gift card?

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

Im almost tempted to get a XB1 for my family room(my wife misses dance central).

SoapShoes1534d ago

^ Get Just Dance instead?

ArmrdChaos1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The paper says it is a $119.98 dollar value over the list price. 70 dollars off plus the 50 dollar gift card. With the added 15 dollar deal you can have an Xbox One Creed bundle with MCC for only $329. Pretty nice.

logikil1533d ago


Sorry bud but your reading of the ad isn't correct. The gift says "free when you buy this Xbox ONE." Generally speaking ads do not use the "$xxx value" because that is typically deceptive so the price listed is the price you pay. If you look at the Xbox One it has a listed price of 399.99 and at its beginning says 70$ savings. The $120 value is the value of the 2 free games (they assume $60 msrp)So no the 50$ gift card is not tacked onto the price to make it 379.99,

Death1533d ago

The sale price is $329, a $70 saving off the $399 retail price. It's the Assassins bundle that has two free games packed in that have a $119 retail value. You also get a $50 Target gift card to use at a later date.

To sum it up, for $329 plus sales tax you walk out with an Assassins Creed Xbox One bundle and a $50 Target gift card to use later. That really shouldn't have been complicated.

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callahan091534d ago

Crap, I just bought the Xbox One yesterday. This is a WAY better deal (20 dollars cheaper, a month of Xbox Live, and you get a 50 dollar gift card!?). If I return my Xbox One (I still haven't opened it because I had to wake up early today, so when I got home, I just left it in its bag and went to sleep!), what do you all think are the chances of me being able to get this deal at Target? I'd be worried it would sell out... Hmm... It's such a good price, though! It's essentially like getting $80 for free if I return it and then buy it again on black friday.

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

You just have to be willing to trample somebody's wife busting through the door. If you're OK with that blood on your hands, you can probably get that deal.

Sitdown1534d ago

Just keep your current one, and venture out on Thanksgiving if you have additional funds available. I would say you have a fairly good chance of getting one.... Just depends on what time you add yourself to the line.

RedDevils1533d ago

You can just get a refund

callahan091533d ago

Haha, I decided to crack mine open and play it. Not worth the hassle of trying to get a good deal on black friday!

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