Grand Theft Auto 5: More Last Gen vs Current Gen Comparison GIFS

GTAForums member ‘Gr4ndy’ has compiled some interesting GIF comparison shots between the last gen and current gen versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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SonyWarrior1534d ago

i still have my ps3 copy im going to keep it and see the difference first hand.

bauer0071533d ago

It will be much better for you then! Half an hour after playing you adjust and lose appreciation for the upgrade, you will be able to go back and see how much better it is over and over again!

Edvin19841534d ago

Looks impressive got it reserved on PS4 as I had some credit.

1534d ago
Gravity_DoGG1534d ago

But question is, should I download it or geta retail copy?.. I know the download on last gen systems had some problems. But what if current gen have some too.. I prefer digital tho 😞

orakle441534d ago

If you get physical you can always trade it in when you're done, if you do that.

Gravity_DoGG1534d ago

I like to have all my games digital. and I never sell my games. plus then I can turn on my ps4 with vita and choose from my library and not only the one disc :)

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