Two Months Later and Destiny is Still Filled with Problems

"When Destiny released there were a lot of mixed reactions. Some people choose to harp on the lack of content, apparent problems or Destiny simply being different than what they expected, where as others focused on the gunplay or were at least optimistic of the future. With the raid releasing in a week, two events on the horizon, another multiplayer mode and so much to see, it was hard to blame these people, though sadly things didn’t work out. The raid quickly became mundane, both events flopped, the multiplayer mode was underwhelming and now nothing is on the horizon." - JPS

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OUROSMAG1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Really? if it is, they are minor. I hardly have issues when in VOG or anytime during PVE or PVP.

AH i see now "The raid quickly became mundane, both events flopped, the multiplayer mode was underwhelming and now nothing is on the horizon."

The guy doesn't like the game.

theDivision1529d ago

There are a lot of Raid glitches... that is my biggest frustration. Particularly at Atheon. I often will just get to him and not complete it if my group experiences more than 5 or 6 consecutive glitches (Which just happened this morning) I may just be very unlucky but IMO the raid does have a considerable amount of glitches.

joab7771529d ago

It's funny though, how despite huge blunders etc. People keep playing it, like myslef. I need 2 pieces for 3 level 30's. Just in time I guess to b/c Dragon Age is coming lol!

cell9891529d ago

The Vault Of Glass alone is an amazing piece of work and video game design. Ive never played a game that required TRUE TEAMWORK with all 6 players having to actually work together to get it done, no solo BS here, pure teamwork. Even when youre cheese Atheon or the Gate Keeper, you still need coordinated teamwork. Its an amazing experience even when you cant finish off Atheon and you keep getting wiped. Its fun times, you get to meet people and know their play styles. I never thought such game mechanics could be done in a game.

There are games that offer teamwork yes, but to truly make everyone in the team work on one single goal and follow coordinated strategies, well theres not many games out there that can do it, let alone with 6 players.

The Vault OF Glass is an amazing piece of game designing, so no matter how many things haters can come up with to downplay this game, they can never take away the level of fun this game provides. It really is THAT much better when played with people. From Xur to the cryptarc to VOG, this game keeps you entertained

LordMaim1529d ago

"Filled with Problems" apparently means "I'm upset that I can't glitch to win anymore".

Indoctrin1529d ago

So when teleporting during the Atheon battle, meeting a Minotaur who CANNOT be killed (his health regens as he is about to die) isn't a glitch.......

The simple fact that I have only seen Atheon teleport 3 people twice during the final battle since the patch... I've been teleported on my own, and seen 4 people sent through.

Bungie claimed they wanted us to explore, to witness how the player would go about doing missions... Then when we do that, Bungie change it and say "that's not how we wanted it to be played"....

kodiak404_1529d ago

There are glitches without a doubt, but the minotaurs regenerating health is an actual game mechanic. When its about to die and not killed quick enough, it puts a hand in front of its face and if it gets damaged when it does this it'll regenerate health. The teleportation glitch is an actual glitch, but you're definitely overstating the issue. Overall there's plenty of bugs (some that might cause wipes), but they're not a big deal.

cell9891529d ago

I have never seen 4 people teleported lol but it it does happen, must be an isolated glitch, in all cases just go back to orbit and start it again, youll start with Atheon anyway #problmesolved

Drithe1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

They should hold the Iron Banner tournament once a month but they dont.

I think they hold Iron banner tournaments privately. Last Monday I played in the Iron Banner tournament a couple times. Once I left and came back it was gone. Wierd.

Even though I am an admitted fanboy of Destiny, this game is getting boring now. They drag everything in this game. For instance, they could do so much more with the Cryptarch guy but it is practically useless now. Why even level up with him if it brings you nothing?

Why nerf the weapons that are so hard to get, say like the Mythoclast? I had no problem with peeps having this who actually beat VOG on hard. I dont want to play the OBAMA Version of destiny where everyone is equal because people cry about it. I want a game where you win because you work hard to get superior weapons and armors and are just generally the better player. I never seen a game that gets the superior players NERFED SO BADLY.

The pvp is so boring. We dont need more areas. We need something a little different. How about an escort type pvp game? No capture the flag? How about an ADVANCE type game like the BF series where we can move forward, take objectives until they run out, or defend them until their lives run out?

How about a RAID where you kill thousands of monsters in an area where they MAD RUSH YOU up until a huge boss fight?

How come we dont have full chat in all the Crucible matches AND STRIKE missions?

Why only 3 character slots?

Why keep the strikes at level 24? Why not open them up to at least level 28?

Why not offer something substantially more for doing level 28 story missions?

I will tell you why. They will string all these easy things along for as long as they can to make us BUY these very simple things.

IF this keeps up I will NEVER buy a Bungie made product again. That OR Activision.

End of line.

theDivision1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

This guy is making a lot of sense. I agree they drag out a whole bunch of stuff and when you get to 28-29 you cannot level up with skill you need luck which is frustrating for me. Skill should be the key to reaching the highest level not rolling a dice.

I play the raid and wait a week as I haven't everything I want (except the boots and raid hand cannon) so now it comes down to rolling a dice.

Lou Ferrigno1529d ago

Spot on, I was a fanboy of this game as well until recently just got really really bored ..I play MMO's too and never EVER have gotten bored of grinding in those.. this game became redundant for me and now it's back to BF4,KZSF and TLoU for me until i see what they do with new content at least.
If i don't like what i see i will be selling/trading in for some awesome games this winter. :)

Halo2ODST21529d ago

Destiny does grinding worse than MMOs & its not even a MMO itself

evilbart1529d ago

This is the best game I have played in years,the raid is amazing.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Glitches are in every game. Some result in players using certain glitches to gain an unfair advantage like the "sniper quick scope" glitch in COD. Then you have glitches like the loot cave that actually becomes an "exploit." I think exploits are a little more legitimate than glitches like quick scope. Usually, players still have to work/farm/repeat an exploit in order to get the desired result and most people don't have the time or patience to use them. On the other hand, a glitch like the COD sniper quick scope is just a completely unrealistic scenario where a sniper can defeat someone using an assault rifle or sub-machine gun at medium to close range. It's the type of glitch that makes the game unbalanced and boderline unplayable. You can pretty much call the use of such a glitch cheating.

Destiny has it's flaws, but there is nothing in the game that tips the scales in favor of other players simply because every player in the game has the ability to use any "exploits" in the game. I enjoy Destiny and so do millions of other people. For those of you who don't like it and you have the physical copy, trade it or sell it and move on with your lives. Complaining about a game that more people are enjoying than those who don't is pointless.

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