53% of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales were on Xbox

53 per cent of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's opening week sales were on Xbox One and Xbox 360, GfK Chart Track has revealed.

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PurpatraitorMGS1533d ago

I'm not shocked.

Xbox has always possessed the shooter crowd.

Foehammer1533d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Even more impressive when you consider the size of the install-base, something the fanboys always fear when quoting sales.


Consider the PS4 has 50% more install-base yet:

35% PS4
32% X1

Very impressive

Also, just like when NPD reported Destiny selling better on X1, it didn't include bundles games, so X1 sales of COD will be even higher than stated.

@ vulcanproject, interesting you mention a 50/50 estimate, that would mean, since X1 has half the install-base, that the attach rate on X1 is considerably higher. Interesting also you mention erosion, remember when OX sold 24m and PS2 160m, erosion.

@ Jmyers and harris, READ the article yourself 360 + X1 is greater than PS4 and PS3. 50% more install-base in UK = 3% more sales, lol. Xbox has the better attach rate #dealwithit

Kingthrash3601533d ago

Xbox360 +Xbox One combined is a huge install base. Just saying.
But x1 vs ps4 the ps4 outsold the x1 due to the install base of ps4 most likely. The 360 has always had a bigger cod following than ps3 so no surprise there. Overall though the ps4 had the highest sales of the game. Combining x1 and 360 is just reaching for a win.

Why o why1533d ago

Didn't quite read the details maybe. . . Lol

OOMagnum1533d ago

Kingthrash companies dont look at sales in the same fanboy lense you do. Sales on 360 equates to the same amount of profits for MS. Ps4 was at 35% to X1 32% but 360 was at 21% to Ps3 11%. I wonder which profits share Sony would want.

beastModeOn1533d ago

Consider this

After all that marketing, huge amounts of cash payed to activision, Bundles and most important of them, association of COD with xbox brand.

Result :-

Ps4 having best sales of COD.

Now THAT is impressive.

tbone5671533d ago

Xbox is home for call of duty. Not surprised.

Aquariusgamer1533d ago

Lets not forget that ms pays for all the marketing for cod.

Sony should have did what ms did with destiny. Advertise a cod cologne and then give away a free game with ps4 purchase, one of which would be cod.

St0rm_Cr0w1533d ago Show
NewMonday1533d ago

1) this is only the UK, the PS4:XB1 difference margin is not same as world wide.

2) sales include the 360 the biggest install base in the UK

3) historically CoD sales in the UK used to favor xbox by 2:1, so PlayStation actually made big gains.

SilentNegotiator1533d ago

With the Ps4 outselling the Xbone in COD sales and 360 beating Ps3, COD sales are going to swing even harder towards playstation in the upcoming years as the 7th gen dies out.

Unless Xbone can break the current sales pace...and they haven't managed to do much despite price "drops", massive bundles, loads of promotional deals, having lots of games while "ps4 haz no gaems", spending more on advertisement as usual, etc.

bleedsoe9mm1533d ago

bet we are going to get november bundle numbers from ms , sounds like they are moving quite well

DOMination-1533d ago

Not to mention xbox uas also recently had forza and sunset overdrive so these sales are pretty stunning

ProjectVulcan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

PS4 has massively eroded the Xbox market share if one of, if not THE most Xbox associated multi format game is now virtually equally split sales wise over the brands.

It used to be a total Xbox whitewash for COD games- indeed 360 beats PS3 2:1. Now Sony have stolen a huge share back with PS4 so much so it's virtually 50/50.

Saito1533d ago Show

PS4 has 100% more install base, there it's fixed. ;)

ShinMaster1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

This reminds me, they're currently testing a new Doritos flavored Mountain Dew.

Dewritos should be pretty popular with this crowd.

[on topic]

These numbers are only for 1 territory. But congratulations anyway... I guess

XBLSkull1532d ago

And considering Halo comes out tonight also makes that figure more impressive since some people will be playing Halo instead.

kevnb1532d ago

you are impressed by the cod attach rate?

WMANUW1532d ago


Its true, why disagree?its 100% more install base no 50%. 6vs13 is 100%..

mikeslemonade1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

lol and people didn't believe that I said COD would sell more on the PS4. It would interesting to see if this worldwide or just North America.

Stop using the install base excuse. The fact of the matter it sold more copies on PS4 and developers would rather develop for the PS4.

Mr Pumblechook1532d ago

Click bait title by that hack from that disreputable UK site! Any legitimate write would say the single platform that sold the most.

JMyers1532d ago


Read the article... 360+X1 > PS4. Plus this is UK only.

harrisk9541532d ago


Dude it is XB1 and 360 combined... way to misread!

DarXyde1532d ago

OMG You're so perceptive! It's called brand association.

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 also outsold its X360 counterpart.

People will associate a game with a platform more often than not. I'm quite certain Metal Gear Solid V and Final Fantasy XV on PS4 will outperform the XBOX One counterpart.

Angeljuice1532d ago

How can it be considered impressive that your console of choice has also been chosen by the brain-dead call of duty casuals?

More morons gaming on Xbox One than PS4 = big win for Microsoft?

sonarus1532d ago

its comical to see these xbox fanboys argue with ps fanboys over sales.
Now its my console has better attach rate than yours vs my console has more 1080p than yours.

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SonyWarrior1533d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheWatercooler1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Damn. Yet PS4 beat xbone sales even with all those bundles and promotions. Just goes to show. People are moving to the PS4 now. Once xbox360 is no longer supported. Xbone won't even get a look in. Third parties need to start getting behind the PS4 exclusively

Dudebro901533d ago

Bundles arent factored into the sales numbers. So your logic is wrong.

shloobmm31533d ago

It has twice the install base and barely beat it. So no not impressive at all. Not to mention bundles arent favtored in those numbers.

CptVimes1533d ago

Not going to happen, but if that's what keeps you warm at night then keep on dreaming fella.

strangeaeon1533d ago

So does the fact that the PS4 has more than twice the install base escape you? Or do you just pull out those numbers when it's convenient?

hades071533d ago

Even if PS4 sales were double the xbone, third parties are still putting the game on xbox. Both systems are so similar to PCs that its much easier to port games between systems this gen. If you can reach another 5+ million customers with little effort, why wouldn't you?

Christopher1533d ago

All those people claiming "it has twice the install base" need to realize... it doesn't in the Uk. You're looking at worldwide numbers and using those to discuss a region that has been heavily dominated by MS since last generation. While there are more PS4 sold than XBO, it's closer in ratio to what we have in the U.S. And it's not a 2:1 ratio.

So, the fact that the PS4 is starting to sell more games that are heavy hitters with Xbox owners... that does mean something. It also means that MS isn't going out quick and has a ton of room to come back to what they were before.

Army_of_Darkness1533d ago

About half of the ps4 owners like COD, while the others are waiting for games like LBP3, blood borne, the evil within, samurai warriors 4 and the order . So maybe that could be why the ps4 version didn't sell as much as y'all expect cause I definitely didn't purchase the new cod.

mediate-this1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yet no one cares but you fan boys,ps4 edged xb1 by 3%with double the install base. Nothing to brag about.

Be careful what you wish for lol, seems you teamed up with the very dudes you guys despise since the are finicky and switched to ps4. Me I'm a gamer I got all the systems. Wicked to be rich

illAmpRefugee1532d ago

Ps4 beat x1 honestly im alittle suprised cus x1 gets the dlc a month b4 ps4 wich is a big incintive to buy it on x1 instead of ps4. Nd they ad tht big bundle

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dirkdady1533d ago

One thing that the ps2 and PS3 era had taught us is that there is no brand loyalty outside of the squabbling fanboys.

I would venture to guess most hardcore cod fans jumped to ps4 this gen as these are the types of people that would pick the more powerful console over some silly corporation brand loyalty.

JeffGUNZ1533d ago

what? Your last parapraph makes no sense. COD gamers typically only play COD. You think Xbox 360 COD fans will jump to PS4 to play COD? Makes no sense. It's not like COD is exclusive and looks pretty damn identical on both consoles. COD diehards only play COD. They are more likely to remain on the console they have been playing it for 8 years and made all their friends with.

hades071533d ago

I agree with Jeff. Me and my friends have both a xbox and ps4. Guess which system we all bought CoD on? The Xbox. The controller and online environment are what were used to to get our CoD fix.

dantesparda1532d ago

So you and your friend chose the inferior version with the inferior controller? Just for the sake of being able to play together? How old are you people?

venom061533d ago

and this game is experiencing the same Horrible lag, wierd hit detection on the XBOX 1 as it is on the PS4 and PC..

hades071533d ago

I don't know what you're talking about. I have played about 10 hours of CoD online so far without any lag or poor hit detection on the xbox. Maybe you have a strict NAT or something. That is causing issues on Xbox one with people who use the Instant On feature.

Bubiii1533d ago

40% Xbox 360

13% Xbox One

geddesmond1533d ago

SALES AIN'T OVER YET. Its still selling. See what they are like in 3 months and then make another article.


This is just UK, you know... If MS barelly beat PS on UK (which have a much bigger X360 base than PS3's and where PS4 and XB1 sales are almost even - or at least much closer than everywhere else), it actually points at MS losing worldwide, as PS3 have slightly bigger total user base than X360 and PS4 had been leading 2:1 over XB1 in total.

Of course, just drawing from UK charts will not be precise as it doesn't represent world's purchase practices, anyway we'll know soon enough, just trying to say even now the sales WW can be very different as a whole vs UK only, doesn't need to wait 3 months.

SpinalRemains1381532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

3 months?

PS gamers will have moved from COD in large and be playing Bloodborne and The Order.

If you haven't purchased COD in first two months, you likely won't buy it when you can play a better game like Bloodborne, for the most part.

jrshankill1533d ago


"I'm not shocked.

Xbox has always possessed the shooter crowd."

Explain Destiny then.

Reaper29r1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

That's easy. Sony fans thought they were getting some better version of Halo (ironic since a lot of them love to bash Halo). The PS4 doesn't have anything like that, why do you think Sony was repping it so hard? Granted it sold exceptionally well, but that was due to Bungie's name/legacy and it fell flat on it's face in the first week. The PS4 at this time doesn't have any shooters on the level of Halo (and the upcoming gears). It has KZ:SF, which is alright. I enjoy it from time to time. But in the shooter department, the PS4 will continue to rely on 3rd party multiplats. Unless they bring back Resistance (which I hope they do) and make the next KZ more than a pretty show. SOCOM and MAG while very fun will still lose to BF/CoD. Sony doesn't care about that genre much. Which is fine. I look to my PS for the other experiences it offers that I can't get on my XB.

noctis_lumia1532d ago

gears is a third person so i prefer to compare the game to uncharted since it is also a third person shooter adventure so yea sony does has a "SHOOTER" that is way better than gears...beside the whole industry knows it now...naughty dog---->epic games with ease and style

Kidmyst1533d ago

Is this consoles only? The combined total of all is 99% so only 1% sales on PC? I highly doubt that, I think Consoles sell much more but there is still more than 1% user base on PC.

Xboxone 32%
Xbox360 21%
PS3 11%
PS4 35%

Parhelion691532d ago

CoD sells like shit on PC, so 1% would be pretty good actually...

superdong1532d ago

Chart-Track doesn't include digital sales, so thats like 95% of PC sales. Not to mention CoD on PC is practically dead.

raymantalk11533d ago

could not care less if cod sold better on 360/xbone the ps4 is the better console and has a much better variety of games than the xbone but still it is atleast something the xbox fanboys can shout about i say good on em.

ps this is my own opinion dont hate me for being honest :)

mediate-this1532d ago

You cared when ghosts sold better on ps4 than xb1, fan boy logic

captainexplosion1532d ago

I'm more of a Sony guy but I had to laugh at PS4 having a better variety of games. That was true with last gen, but so far this gen the XB1 definitely has a better variety of games. More shooters, more open world games, more racers, and more kids games.

BX811532d ago

I'm glad you hid the bitterness in your comment :)

raymantalk11531d ago


"You cared when ghosts sold better on ps4 than xb1, fan boy logic "

actually i did not so you are wrong and i aint a fanboy, a fanboy is someone who will shout how great there console is no matter how bad it is compared to the other consoles i on the other hand dont care who makes the console i will always go with the best hardware no matter who makes it therefore i am not a fanboy so shove that up your arse FANBOY which you clearly are.

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mark3214uk1533d ago

more camping 13yr old kids on X1,mommy buys them cod when its released

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1533d ago

"53 per cent of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's opening week sales were on Xbox One and Xbox 360"

"PS4 was actually the lead platform with 35 per cent of sales, but only slightly ahead of Xbox One at 32 per cent"

53% is for Xbox One/360 combined and PS4 sales were 35% while Xbox One was at 32%. That makes sense. Xbox does have the COD bundle out.

s8anicslayer1532d ago

But PS4 was the main platform with the most sales coming in at an overall %35....I guess people just read headlines not the actual story...smh

Magicite1532d ago

Globally PS4 will be 1st, then X1, PS3, X360 and lastly PC (if we judge by Ghosts sales).

Old McGroin1532d ago

"Xbox has always possessed the shooter crowd."

You do realise this means 47% of sales were on Sony consoles?? And that 35% were sold on PS4, more than any other console?? SMH

bluzone1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

let me get this straight Xbox with 58.5% of the U.K. market (by consoles sold) only had 53% of the COD sales. PlayStation with only with only 41.5% of the U.K. market (by consoles sold) had 47% of COD sales.

edit: math error.

Muzikguy1532d ago

What is like to know is all the marketing worth it?? Xbox has 53% while Playstation has 46%. That's not much to get excited about IMO. Also, the X1 wasn't that far behind the PS4 in sales percentage. That should be worrying for Activision. That tells me sales are down. I'm not sure if digital is being counted.

Eddie201011532d ago

These are just UK sales numbers, so don't get too excited.

ZombieKiller1532d ago

I wonder what percent PS4 needs to get to for Activision to take it's greed to them? Maybe then PS users can get the 30 day DLC bullsh!t we have been screwed on in the past few years.

It's funny to see the numbers get closer and closer though. Very impressive indeed!

KiwiViper851532d ago

Sony can't afford 2 exclusive marketing deals.

ZombieKiller1532d ago

And you can't afford 2 more comments so maybe keep the fanboy opinion out of it next time.

ChronoJoe1532d ago

Worth noting that Playstation versions of Destiny far outsold their XB counterparts. So it's possible that PS owners chose one over the other, explaining these sales.

Trekster_Gamer1532d ago

They have a shooter crowd because Xbox Live is superior to psn. Always has been. You may get better free old games but multiplayer is far and away better on Xbox Live!