What Kind of Boss Design Do You Expect in Zelda U?

ZI: Zelda U is in development and of course many people have high expectations regarding the game. Since the game's reveal in this year's E3, many have been wondering about the game's story, characters, the placement in the timeline, etc. But what I'm most curious is about the dungeons in the game, more specifically the bosses.

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Coachkeys1534d ago

Boss battles is where the game pad would really shine.

BosSSyndrome1534d ago

Something better than a frickin eyeball with legs.

MSBAUSTX1534d ago

I cant wait for this game and I know it is going to be amazing. However, if you want to know how I think the boss battles should be in the new Zelda game then I would say go play Bayonetta 2 and then you will see how I think they should be. Doesnt have to be the same level of speed and intensity but they boss battles were amazing and after playing them my expectations have been set relatively high for games in the future. Perhaps they should let Platinum Games design the boss battles for Zelda U? Either way I am sure this game will be great. Every LOZ game has been so far.

DoggyBiscuit1533d ago

I'm hoping the boss battle in ZeldaU be similar to Twilight Princess, they was so many epic boss battle in that game